In the latest and final episode of volume six, Hasan Minhaj talks about tax, from the problems of filing and paying taxes to the lengths to which tax prep companies will go to to make taxation a hassle.

Nobody likes filing taxes

People commonly procrastinate when it comes to filing taxes, because they’re put off by the very idea of tax. In spite of this, he says that Americans spend approximately two billion hours each year doing their taxes. Despite an extension provided to American citizens on tax filing this year, Minhaj points out that he hasn’t even started, much like a large chunk of the population.

If it’s touted as free, it’s probably not free

He shows viewers a silly-looking advertisement by an American online tax prep company called Turbotax. Minhaj explains that Turbotax has a misleading free edition. Companies such as Turbotax use the word ‘free’ to lure innocent people and make their alternate website that’s actually free, difficult to find on search engines. They then use all kinds of tactics to make sure that you pay.

Return-free filing is the solution

Filing and paying taxes shouldn’t be this stressful. Minhaj believes that return-free filing is the way to go. In this system, the government sends citizens a filled out form which they need only check, sign and return.

On a positive note

Before signing off, Minhaj announces that this is the last episode of the cycle. He talks about the current situation and how he’s become habituated to checking his phone for bad news when he wakes up each morning, instead of reaching for his wife. He finishes off by listing a few of the good things that happened in 2020 and hopes that these incidents will be remembered.

Taxation is not exactly a fun subject. But Minhaj discusses it with plenty of humour making the final episode of this volume of Patriot Act a delight.

Creators: Hasan Minhaj, Prashanth Venkataramanujam
Cast: Hasan Minhaj
Streaming on: Netflix