Full Of Dark Humour
70%Overall Score

Sumukhi Suresh plays the titular character in Amazon Prime comedy. In season one, she moves cities to pursue her love interest, a boy she met in her hometown, Bhopal. On being turned down by the guy, Pushpa goes back to Bhopal. In season two, she returns to avenge the rejection.

Creator: Sumukhi Suresh
Director: Debbie Rao
Cast: Sumukhi Suresh, Manish Anand, Navin Richard, Ayesha Nair, Sumaira Shaikh, Kumar Shivam, Latha Venkatraman, Vidyuth Gargi.
Streaming on: Amazon Prime
Seasons: 2 (2017, 2020)

Spoilers ahead!

Pushpa returns to avenge herself

The new season kicks off with Pushpa’s engagement to Vidyuth, a boy from Bangalore chosen by her mother. It appears that she has moved on from Nikhil. But as the season progresses, it’s clear that her new, single-minded goal is to seek revenge from Nikhil. While Nikhil is under the impression that Pushpa is over him, she continues to stalk him with the help of the neighbourhood tea seller. She also fools her best friend and boss Pankaj, and Vidyuth. Naturally, there comes a time when her scheme unravels.

Sumukhi Suresh shines as a complicated stalker

Suresh is terrific as a woman scorned. She’s so desperate to get Nikhil to love her that she turns a blind eye to all the damage she’s causing others. Her scheme of revenge has so many turns that you’re glued to the show wondering how far Pushpa will go to get her way.

In most tales of revenge, the man is the unhinged character. It’s a change to see a woman as a relentless stalker. While the show is mostly a screwball comedy, it’s also a comment on how women are viewed. Pushpa pretends to diet in order to lose weight. But she can’t help indulging in her love for butter. The message is that it’s important to be comfortable in your skin.

Sumukhi Suresh is fantastic as a woman out for revenge in this thrilling show. It ends on a shocking note that suggests that the drama isn’t over yet.

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