The internet can be a wonderful place, filled with pictures of cats and let’s play videos, but it can also be a strange and mysterious one. Even though it puts so much knowledge at our fingertips, not everything is easily explained or solved even with all this information. Plenty of the web itself is full of mysteries and conspiracy theories, both with and without resolutions.

Take for example the QAnon conspiracy theory (the QAnon sticker is pictured above). Based on posts by an anonymous user known only as “Q”. Followers of the posts believe that US President Donald Trump is fighting a secret war against a cabal of paedophiles that includes prominent Democrats and Hollywood celebrities. No part of this theory has any basis in facts, but it is quite an entertaining story. Regardless, social media alogrithms feed users who show interest in posts and videos related to QAnon. As a result, QAnon has blown upon Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

If you’re interested in wild conspiracy theories and the many mysteries that the internet is filled with, you need to check out these YouTube channels dedicated to covering them. Be warned, some of these videos contain disturbing content.


Ryan, known online by the name of his YouTube channel, Nexpo or Nightmare Expo. The majority of his content consists of video essays that cover internet mysteries, horror websites and online urban legends.


Reign Dilacova is an American YouTuber with a channel dedicated to telling stories of internet mysteries and creepypastas.

Atrocity Guide

Another curator of peculiar things from around the internet, Atrocity Guide tells stories of mysteries from both the online and offline world.


From online child predator rings to a game containing disturbing and illegal images found on the dark web, the YouTuber known as MamaMax investigates it all in stylised videos with great production value. While his channel is relatively new, it does have a certain flair.

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