Rohan Joshi offers hilarious accounts of life in his 30s in his Amazon Prime stand-up special.

Director: Angshuman Ghosh
Writer: Rohan Joshi
Cast: Rohan Joshi
Streaming on: Amazon Prime

In his first stand-up special on Amazon Prime Wake N’ Bake, Rohan Joshi delivers his perspective on things like marriage, sex, marijuana, education, privileges and growing old. It’s full of fun anecdotes and satirical gags on current affairs that some might find uncomfortable. That’s the mark of a good show. Here’s what you can expect.

Joshi finally admits that he’s an adult
At 36, Rohan Joshi realises there’s no escaping being an adult. He speaks with the distaste of going from ‘bhaiya’ to ‘uncle’, kids hiding cigarettes and drugs when they see him and realising that clubbing is no longer exciting.

Home furnishings turn him on more than porn
Other signs of aging include finding road trips uncomfortable, doing the practical thing by buying medical insurance even though he’d rather splash out on an Xbox and finding interior decoration more attractive that actors in adult movies.

Marriage is not his cup of tea
Age also means the idea of marriage, which was once romantic, seems less attractive when you’re in your 30s.

It pays to be a SoBo Brahmin
In these times, Joshi says, the most privileged folks are Brahmin Hindus born in South Mumbai, even though he studied in the lowest kind of academic institution, the SSC school.