The seventh episode of the series picks up pace as we get closer to knowing what happened with Jericho. We’re introduced to Natalie (Jerrika Hinton), Dorothy’s kinesiologist, and the woman who hands the Turners the creepy doll as a part of the transitory replacement therapy.

Creator: Tony Basgallop
Cast: Rupert Grint, Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free
Seasons: 1 (2019)
Streaming on: Apple TV+

The truth about Jericho inches closer

This episode starts with a brief flashback. A perplexed Dorothy is sitting on the floor in the shower. A woman hands her a doll, reassuring her that Jericho is okay. His death clearly took a massive toll on the family. It seems that Dorothy killed Jericho but we don’t know whether by accident or neglect.

The woman who hands the doll to Dorothy turns out to be her kinesiologist, Natalie. She visits Jericho’s room where Leanne attacks her mistaking her for a robber. A bewildered, concerned Natalie confronts Sean in vain.

Dorothy invites Natalie to dinner hoping to terminate Natalie’s services. Natalie, on the other hand, is aware of the Jericho tragedy and seems more connected to reality than anyone else. Sean invites Jullian to dinner to help deflect the crisis in the event Natalie confronts Dorothy.

Leanne seems to be losing control

In earlier episodes, after Sean loses his sense of taste and smell, he relies on Leanne. Sean who initially was wary of Leanne, a stranger in the house, has started to warm up to her. Sean hires Leanne as a server for the dinner with Natalie and Jullian so that the evening doesn’t go awry.

For dinner, Sean cooks a Scottish feast. Predictably, the meal is awkward and tense as Natalie tries to confront Dorothy while Jullian and Sean attempt to change the subject. Dorothy misreads their concern and feels belittled. She angrily fires Natalie and leaves the dinner table. Leanne fetches wine from the cellar when a rabid dog appears and the ground cracks. Things seem be getting out of Leanne’s control too.

Does Leanne know more than what she reveals?

The feral canine makes his way to Jericho’s room and hides in the dark. It could be a manifestation of Leanne’s uncle George, who used to scold her for living in a godless house. Natalie enters the baby’s room on hearing his cries only to have the dog chase her down the stairs. Jullian manages to kill the animal with a bottle of wine and drag it out of the house. However, the dog comes back to life and runs off into the wild.

Natalie is concerned about sustaining the illusion of Jericho through the doll. She fears Sean and Dorothy are using it as a crutch and while smoking outdoors, almost confides in Leanne. As Leanne tries to dig deeper for the truth, their conversation is interrupted. It’s evident that she has gone from being a shy mid-western girl to having considerable control over the Turner home.