After a pacy episode seven, episode eight slows down. It follows Julian babysitting Jericho while Sean and Dorothy are at an award function and Toby and Leanne go on a date. Among the people who know the Jericho secret, Julian seems to be stronger than the others. A habitual drinker and substance abuser, he steps up to take care of Jericho.

Creator: Tony Basgallop
Cast: Rupert Grint, Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free
Seasons: 1 (2019)
Streaming on: Apple TV+

Julian has a flashback

The episode starts with Julian sitting in his car outside the Turner home. Before he enters the house, he has a flashback, supposedly to the day Jericho died. It’s pouring. He visits Dorothy who seems to be home alone with the baby. He bangs on the door but no one answers it. He sees a rotting ham surrounded by a swarm of flies.

Food plays a pivotal role in this series. For instance in an earlier episode, Sean and Leanne warm up to each other when she appreciates the lobster ice cream he makes. The rotting ham in this episode could suggest that the flashback shows time after Jericho has passed.

It’s likely that Wanda has teamed up with Leanne

Dorothy and Sean are at a television awards night while Leanne and Toby go on an impromptu bowling date. In their absence, Julian babysits Jericho. When he hears a strange cry on the baby monitor, he goes to Jericho’s room and panics when he finds the doll there instead of the baby.

Toby briefly runs into Wanda from episode five when Julian had paid her to befriend Leanne and influence her to move out of the Turner home. Wanda doesn’t recognise Toby, perhaps on purpose. It’s possible that Wanda and Leanne are in cahoots. One theory is that they swap the baby with the doll to force Julian to tell Leanne the truth about how Jericho died. After Leanne is back from her date, a flustered Julian confronts Leanne.

Dorothy’s father comes with a solution for the Jericho situation

While Julian is home alone with the baby, his father visits and immediately starts pretending that the doll is an actual baby. On learning that Sean and Dorothy are out, he drops the act and swears Julian to secrecy; he says he has possible solution for the baby. They speak about an orphaned baby, Anders who could pose as Jericho. Julian dismisses the idea, but since the show has been renewed for the second season, this is perhaps one thing to expect.

Later, when Dorothy and Sean return, Julian tells Sean that Leanne knows the truth. Julian doesn’t reveal the fact that the baby was replaced by the doll. Leanne, seemingly angry with Dorothy for whatever killed Jericho, accidentally breaks Dorothy’s pearl necklace, the one that Sean gifted her on their anniversary. The episode ends with Leanne swallowing a pearl.