The refreshing fourth episode of the series focuses on Leanne’s time at the Turner home. While the Turners are away, she spends time with the baby and makes a new friend. Meanwhile, Jullian makes an effort to get rid of the nanny.

Creator: Tony Basgallop
Cast: Rupert Grint, Lauren Ambrose, Toby Kebbell, Nell Tiger Free
Seasons: 1 (2019)
Streaming on: Apple TV+

Dealing with crickets

The episode starts with Leanne getting paid. A cash-filled envelope is slid under her door. Sean goes out to pitch his restaurant to a potential investor, leaving Leanne home with the baby.

Leanne takes Jericho for a walk and notices Roscoe, the detective hired by Jullian. She, of course, doesn’t know who he is. He’s been sitting in his car outside the house waiting for Leanne to leave. On the walk, Leanne befriends Wanda, a nanny, and Olivia, the girl Wanda looks after. On returning, Leanne finds the door ajar and immediately suspects that Roscoe is in the house. Instead, she finds Tobe (Tony Revolori) in the basement. Tony is preparing for Sean’s catering and has brought a rather unconventional ingredient, crickets. The next day, she wakes up in a cricket-infested bed. She puts the insects back into their box, but one gets left behind in an inverted glass.

Can Leanne trust anyone at all?

Later that evening, Leanne overhears Sean and Jullian plotting against her. Jullian replaces Leanne’s canned soup with dog food.  She is enraged but chooses not to express herself until she is alone. Unlike the timid Leanne of old, we see her angrily scribbling Sean and Dorothy’s name in the margin of her Bible. She’s angry with Sean for snapping at her when he finds her dressing the baby up in a onesie she found in the basement, and with Dorothy for sending her to fetch dessert when the Turners just want her out of the house for an hour.

At this point, one would that think Leanne has a friend to turn to in Wanda. But soon Leanne finds out that Wanda was hired by Jullian. Leanne hands Olivia an ice cream that triggers Olivia’s allergies, sending her into anaphylactic shock. In the desperation to get an epi-pen, Wanda admits to being in cahoots with Jullian. She has been hired to ensure Leanne’s exit from the Turner home.

Leanne possesses an extraordinary power

That night, Leanne helps Sean out by tasting his crickets. It’s safe to say that because Sean has come to rely on her. He lets his guard down and warms up to her. The episode ends with Leanne finding the cricket dead in her room. She sobs furiously and hits herself. The motionless cricket comes back to life. The series so far, contrary to Sean and Jullian’s hypothesis, insinuates that Leanne can resurrect the dead. This is probably why Jericho is alive, even though he died as an infant. However, the last scene suggests that this ability may not be entirely under her control.