Darren Star, the creator of the hit 90s classic Sex and the City that is timeless on TV, has an upcoming show Emily in Paris which is set to premiere in end of 2020.

The series was originally going to be released via Paramount Network.

“MTV Studios and I couldn’t hope for a more perfect home for Emily in Paris than Netflix,” Star said. “With their international reach, we are excited to share Emily with audiences around the world”.

The series follows Emily played by Lily Collins (Mirror MirrorTo The Bone and Tolkein) who is also producing the series as an ambitious marketing executive from Chicago in her twenties who is offered her dream job under the new acquisition of a French luxury marketing company is none other than the city of love, Paris. Now all she has to do is uproot and create a new life with family, colleagues, friends and romances. How will she survive this new life?

The series is entirely shot in France and consists of ten episodes of half-hour comedy. The cast also includes Ashley Park, Phillippine Leroy Beaulieu, Lucas Bravo, Samuel Armold, Camille Razat, Bruno Gouery, Kate Walsh, William Abadie and Arnaud Viard. The series will also be produced by MTV Studios.

Well, we hope to see the magic and love Carie Bradshaw created to pass on through Emily in Paris in collaboration with Netflix.