These days there are so many streaming platforms it’s hard to keep track. For instance, how many know about Facebook Watch? The platform, which was launched in 2017, offers a host of originals. We rounded up eight worth checking out. 

‘Sorry For Your Loss’

Coping with grief is the core of Sorry For Your Loss (pictured above). Elizabeth Olsen’s Leigh Shaw tries to come to terms with the untimely and unexpected death of her husband Matt, (Mamoudou Athie) and finds that reassembling her life is a lot harder than she imagined. 

Creator: Kit Steinkellner
Cast: Elizabeth Olsen, Janet McTeer, Kelly Marie Van, Jovan Adepo
Seasons: 2 (2018, 2019)

‘SKAM Austin’

Based on the Norwegian TV series SKAM, this American teen drama is broadcast in real-time. What this means is that the episodes are aired at the same time as the on-screen narrative unfolds. For instance, if an important event in the show takes place at night, the episode airs at night. The SKAM Austin team supplemented this innovative unveiling method with transmedia, Instagram posts, screenshots of text messages exchanged between the show’s characters and SoundCloud tracks among other features. The series focuses on a group of students attending Bouldin High School in Austin, Texas and their relationships.  

Director: Julie Andem
Writers: Julie Andem, Sarah Heyward
Cast: Julie Rocha, Till Simon, Austin Terry, Shelby Surdam
Seasons: 2 (2018, 2019) 

‘Red Table Talk’

Jada Pinkett Smith’s Malibu mansion is the set for this talk show, in which Pinkett Smith takes on the role of sagacious shrink. Accompanied by her mother Adrienne Banfield-Jones and daughter Willow Smith, she invites guests to her home, and the eponymous red table, to spill their guts. From Gabrielle Union to Tiffany Haddish, Ellen Pompeo to Will Smith (of course), Toni Braxton to Cesar Milan, many celebrities have partaken the sage wisdom of the Smiths. 

Director: Moni Vargas
Cast: Jada Pinkett Smith, Adrienne Banfield-Jones, Willow Smith 
Seasons: 2 (2018, 2019)

‘Human Discoveries’

A breezy, comedy animation set in prehistoric times, Human Discoveries stars Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, Lisa Kudrow and Stephanie Beatriz. The show focuses on a group of friends, living on the cusp of early human civilisation, who are the first to discover things like fire and invent the wheel.  For instance, in one episode, the characters, sick of being eaten by tigers, come across fire. Confident storytelling backed by a  powerhouse voice cast make Human Discoveries one of the more interesting animated shows available on streaming platforms. 

Creators: Chris Bruno, David Howard Lee
Cast: Anna Kendrick, Zac Efron, Lisa Kudrow, Jillian Bell, Stephanie Beatriz
Season: 1 (2019)   

‘Sacred Lies’

Based on the novel The Sacred Lies of Minnow Bly by Stephanie Oakes, this web drama follows Minnow Bly (Elena Kampouris), a teenager who manages to escape a cult and is then sent to juvenile detention. Series creator Raelle Tucker was drawn to this project because of her own childhood experiences of growing up in a cult. 

Creator: Raelle Tucker
Cast: Elena Kampouris, Kevin Caroll, Toby Huss, Ryan Robbins
Season: 1 (2018)


‘Queen America’

Vicki Ellis (Catherine Zeta-Jones) is the most renowned pageant coach in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Every woman who wants to win the coveted crown of Miss America hopes she can get paired with Vicki because she can turn anyone into a winner. This year, when the beautiful but hapless Samantha Cole (Belle Shouse) pairs up with her, it’s time for Vicki to truly pull a miracle out of her bag.  

Director: Alethea Jones
Creator: Meaghan Oppenheimer
Cast: Catherine Zeta-Jones, Belle Shouse, Molly Price, Isabella Amara
Season: 1 (2018)

‘Humans of New York: The Series’

This one needs no introduction. Photographer Brandon Stanton amassed popularity when he began his now iconic ‘Humans of New York’ blog, which chronicled extraordinary stories of ordinary New Yorkers. This documentary web series details candid and intimate conversations with strangers on the streets of New York. 

Creator: Brandon Stanton
Season: 1 (2017)


A comedy-drama, Strangers follows Isobel Chang (Zoe Chao) as she struggles with adulthood, her sexuality, moving from Los Angeles to New York, and her identity. In the first season, Isobel is an Airbnb host who gains wisdom and woes from her renters, while in the second, she shifts roles, becoming a renter when she moves to NYC. 

Creator: Mia Lidofsky
Cast: Zoe Chao, Meredith Hagner, Langston Kerman, Kathleen Munro
Seasons: 2 (2017, 2018)