Each month, we handpick five stand-up comedy videos to give you a chuckle or two in your free time. Our selection for April features Jeeya Sethi, Punya Arora, Sonali Thakker, Sumaira Shaikh and Urooj Ashfaq. If you enjoy these videos, go watch these talented artists perform once the lockdown ends.

‘Fully Body Health Checkup’ By Jeeya Sethi

Jeeya Sethi recently underwent an expensive full body health check-up, and it was an arduous experience. She takes us through the process, from getting a sonography to a mammogram to a stress test, in this highly animated set.

‘Purush Ka Sparm’ By Punya Arora

Punya Arora gives us a tutorial on how to be sexy, which includes insight on how to nail the perfect “no-makeup look”. She explains why slapping a Delhi girl doesn’t quite have the desired impact and talks about an enlightening YouTube video she once came across that highlights the various benefits of semen.

‘Solo Travelling In India’ By Sonali Thakker

Travelling on your own in this country can be a risky proposition for women. Sonali Thakker shares a fool-proof technique to deter lecherous men in public transport.

‘Housie (Tambola) Versus Ludo’ By Sumaira Shaikh

The quarantine is a good time to indulge in some indoor games. The two most popular games to play with the family are housie and ludo, and Sumaira Shaikh is staunchly team ludo. In this rant session, she explains why the game of housie frustrates her to no end.

‘Uber Driver & Grandmother’ By Urooj Ashfaq

Urooj Ashfaq addresses the mutual distrust between Hindus and Muslims in this set. She tells us about an Uber ride with an Islamophobic driver, and talks about her religious nut nani (maternal grandmother) who isn’t particularly fond of Hindus.

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