If inertia and lethargy are threatening to override your will to stay inside during these frustrating times, here are some movie recommendations that are sure to get your adrenalin pumping. Enjoy streaming these films featuring your favourite superstars and get the vibe up! We can fight this, folks!

Baashha [1995]

Baashha remains one of Rajnikanth’s most iconic roles among his gamut of films. When Manickam, an auto driver is forced to reveal his true identity due to unprecedented circumstances, it sets off a chain of events from his deadly past. Baashha is action-packed and entertaining with the trademark Rajini punch dialogues that were immensely popular in the 90s. Also starring Nagma, Nasser, Raghuvaran and Janagaraj in Baashha is pure unadulterated fun and induces the same thrills with every viewing.

Streaming on: Sun Next and Jio

Anniyan [2005]

 In Anniyan, Vikram plays a timid middle-class employee with multiple personality disorder who turns vigilante at night, exacting revenge on people overstepping the law. Directed by Shankar, Anniyan is a visual treat that showcases Vikram’s versatility in the multifarious roles of Ambi, Remo and Anniyan. It highlights, albeit a trifle simplistically, societal ignorance and apathy towards mankind as well as the inequalities and evils that plague the system. Extravagantly picturised and directed, Anniyan proves a good watch for its comedy track as well.

Streaming on: Sun Next and Zee5

Perazhagan [2004]

In Perazhagan, Suriya plays Chinna, an endearing buck-toothed hunchback who, unmindful of his appearance, goes about searching for a suitable bride for himself. Along the way, he meets and falls in love with a blind dancer Jyothika while helping her to get her eyesight back. Suriya’s physical transformation and portrayal as Chinna is memorable and his comedic exchanges with Vivek are hilarious. A contrived parallel plot aside, Perazhagan is a meaningful film that talks about the strength of kindness, generosity and goodwill.

Streaming on: Amazon Prime

Ghilli  [2004]

One of 2004’s biggest grossers, Ghilli is an action drama about a kabaddi player (Vijay) who rescues a hapless girl (Trisha) from the clutches of a ruthless village don (Prakashraj) obsessed with marrying her. Events take a serious turn when they are pursued relentlessly by the malefactor in a dreaded game of hide-and-seek. Ghilli is pacy and full of “masala” moments that are entertaining and enjoyable. Prakashraj’s villainous character also gained cult status after this film.

Streaming on: Sun Next

Apoorva Sagotharargal [1989]

One of Kamal Haasan’s unforgettable films, Apoorva Sagotharargal features the thespian in the dual role of twins separated at birth. When Appu, a dwarf playing a clown in a circus learns of his father’s brutal slaying at the hands of criminals, he avenges his death by hunting them down. Pandemonium occurs when Raja, his twin enters the picture and accidentally becomes the pawn in the hands of the police. Apoorva Sagotharargal is a rollicking laugh riot from beginning to end thanks to a masterful performance by Kamal Haasan and his dependable supporting team of Delhi Ganesh, Janakaraj, Nagesh, Nasser and others.

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Vaali [1999]

Vaali narrates the story of identical twins Deva and Shiva played by Ajith Kumar with Deva being deaf and mute. When Shiva marries the girl of his dreams (Simran), Deva develops a dangerous fixation for her. In his desire to covet his brother’s wife, he loses all sense of reason. Vaali has its fair share of compelling moments, especially in the well-scripted climax. The movie was also a stepping stone in the careers of Ajith and Simran, elevating them to superstardom.

Streaming on: Amazon Prime

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