Tamil Originals On Zee5 That Deserve Your Attention

There’s a bouquet of quality web series in regional languages. If Tamil is your mother tongue (or not), consider this list of shows on Zee5.

‘America Mappillai’

In this comedy series, Ganesh (Raja Krishnamoorthy) pretends to be gay in order to stop his father from nagging him to get married. Naturally, his plan has many unforeseen consequences.
Director: Praveen Padmanabhan
Cast: Raja Krishnamoorthy, Leela Samson, Arjun Chidambaram, Namita Krishnamurthy, Rakesh Ram, Gokul Anand
Seasons: 1 (2018)


In Kallachirippu (pictured above), 24-year-old Mahati (Amrutha Srinivasan) is forced into an arranged marriage. During a heated argument, she accidentally stabs her husband in self-defence. Mahati proceeds to call her former beau to bail her out, leading to a slew of more unfortunate events.
Director: Rohit Nandakumar
Cast: Amrutha Srinivasan, Vikas, Rajalakshmi, Uma
Seasons: 1 (2018)

‘What’s Up Velakkari’

What’s Up Velakkari revolves around Jessi (Dhanya Balakrishna), a modern, tech-savvy maid and her employer Natraj (Rakendu Mouli), a city-based game designer. Natraj’s newly-wed wife begrudges Jessi for her contemporary ways and closeness to her husband.
Director: Ramesh Aravind
Cast: Dhanya Balakrishna, Rakendu Mouli, Abhirami Iyer, Praveen Kumar M
Seasons: 1 (2018)


This romantic comedy-drama revolves around a young couple who decide to live-in before deciding to commit to each other. A twist in the story calls for a change in their plans.
Director: Ganesh Vinayak
Cast: Sachin Mani, Aishwarya, Meenakchi, Aruldoss, Vinothini
Seasons: 1 (2019)

‘Auto Shankar’

This crime thriller is based on true incidents that shook Chennai between 1985 and 1995. Auto driver-turned gangster Gowri Shankar turned to a life of crime, ruling liquor and brothel businesses and murdering six people. The show chronicles his life, crimes and capture.
Director: Ranga Yali
Cast: Sarath Appani, Selvapandian, Rajesh Dev, Vasudha
Seasons: 1 (2019)


Thiravam is a thriller that showcases the life of a scientist who believes he has invented a formula that can produce herbal fuel. The claim is a threat to various groups, including oil-rich nations, who are after him.
Director: Arvind Krishna
Cast: Prasanna, Indhuja Ravichandran, Kaali Venkat, John Vijay, Azhagam Perumal
Seasons: 1 (2019)


Raja is a postman who takes pride in his work and lives contentedly with his daughter. He is also a mega fan of the legendary Rajinikanth. One day, while Raja still has nine letters to deliver, he meets with a tragic accident and slips into a coma.
Director: Prashanth Gunasekaran
Cast: Munishkanth, Keerthi Pandian
Seasons: 1 (2019)


Each episode of this anthology series focuses on a negative emotion – greed, revenge, jealousy – and shows how these feelings can make one give in to social pressures. The negative effects of social media are also highlighted.
Director: S Shivakar
Cast: Akshara Haasan, Ashwin Kakumanu, Sunaina, Gayathrie
Seasons: 1 (2019)

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