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Set over March and April 2020, in the time of the lockdown, The Gone Game hinges on the lives of the Gujrals, who are spread across the country. Rajeev (Sanjay Kapoor) and Suneeta Gujral (Rukhsar Rehman) are separated and keep up with the lives of their son Sahil (Arjun Mathur), daughter Amara (Shweta Tripathi) and daughter-in-law Suhani (Shriya Pilgaonkar), through regular group video calls. Sahil tests positive for COVID-19 and is declared dead. That’s when life becomes sinister.

A COVID case with strange complications

The web series begins on the day of the janta curfew. The Gujral family gather together on video call, ready with steel plates and spoons. Suhani, a social media influencer who live-streams everything from her adventures in the kitchen to how much she misses her maid, tells the family that her husband Sahil has quarantined himself since his arrival from Bangkok because he suspects that he’s contracted the virus.

Sahil’s mother Suneeta is worried, while his father Rajeev and sister Amara are confident that he’ll be okay. With time, Sahil’s symptoms worsen and Suhani insists that he get tested. Sahil’s friend, Dr Prateek Jindal (Indraneil Sengupta), offers to take him to the hospital. Sahil tests positive and before you know it, he’s declared dead.

Not long after his death, disturbing events begin to occur in Suhani’s home. Then Amara receives a phone call from her allegedly dead brother’s number. Shocked, she starts to figure what really happened to Sahil.

The story reflects this confusing time

“Stories have the potential to unite us in a world that’s battling isolation.” These are the words that pop up on your screen at the end of the last episode. This web series has been shot almost entirely in the actors’ own homes, with the director directing the cast on Zoom. It’s a remarkable effort. As a result, a large chunk of the action is the family on video call. This new form of storytelling takes some getting used to as it slows down the show.

However, the story is honest and relatable. Viewers will understand just what each character is going through during the lockdown, having been through most of it themselves. Packed into four crisp episodes, the story is intriguing enough to keep you guessing about what could have happened to Sahil. The plight of the Gujral family will be familiar to those who’ve experienced the helplessness of not being able to see a loved one affected with COVID or of not knowing where to turn for information at a time of chaos.

The Gone Game is a unique mystery set in one of the most trying times in recent history. Even though there are times the video chats get repetitive, it’s a refreshing show that takes visual content in a new direction.

Creator: Nikhil Nagesh Bhat
Cast: Sanjay Kapoor, Arjun Mathur, Shriya Pilgaonkar, Rukhsar Rehman, Shweta Tripathi,
Indraneil Sengupta
Streaming on: Voot

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