Season three of The House of Flowers, which debuted on Netflix in August 2018, drops on Thursday, April 23. The telenovela hinges on the dysfunctional de la Mora family. Before you dive into more de la Mora madness, here’s a quick recap of seasons one and two.

To say the de la Moras are whacky is an understatement. They have more skeletons in their closet than a cemetery. It is the suicide of Roberta Navarro (Claudette Maille), the mistress of the family patriarch Ernesto, (Arturo Rios) that causes them all to tumble out. Ernesto’s wife Virginia (Veronica Castro) finds out about La Casa De La Flores, his drag cabaret club named after the family’s flower shop and his illegitimate daughter Micaela (Alexa de Landa) with Roberta. She turns to marijuana for comfort. Their son Julian comes out as bisexual, younger daughter Elena bounces from relationship to relationship and oldest daughter Paulina finds out she’s not Ernesto’s daughter.

Season two opens a year after Virginia’s death with her will being contested by unknown parties. Ernesto is now deeply entangled in a religious cult. Elena is a full-blown nymphomaniac. Julian has become a professional escort while pining over his lost love, Diego (Juan Pablo Medina), who ostensibly absconded with the de la Mora fortune in season one. Paulina is grieving for her mother while plotting revenge against Diego. The season ends on a cliffhanger with Paulina being escorted to prison, Elena’s car being t-boned and Micaela singing her heart out on a TV talent contest.

Creator: Manolo Caro
Directors: Manolo Caro, Alberto Belli, Santiago Limon, Yibran Asuad
Cast: Cecilia Suarez, Paco Leon, Aislinn Derbez, Dario Yazek Bernal, Arturo Rios, Juan Pablo Medina
Streaming on: Netflix
Seasons: 3 (2018, 2019, 2020)

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