Do Not Watch These 5 Anxiety-Inducing Movies Alone At Home

Usually, when we’re told don’t watch this, it’s gross or too scary, it builds up a curiosity within us to go and do exactly that, amirite? Well, if this is you, we’re warning you in advance that these anxiety-inducing movies may give you mini panic attacks as you watch them all cooped up in your own home. However, if you’re up for the challenge and the curiosity in you is building up, then go for it at your own risk.

Presenting to you a list of movies you should not watch as you are technically “trapped” in your own home.


This Bollywood movie will mess with your head and could also give you nightmares. Starring Rajkummar Rao, this film revolves around a call center employee named Shaurya who gets trapped in his own apartment without food, water, and electricity. Watching Rajkummar’s brilliant performance of him looing his mind and go into extreme survival mode will give you anxiety if nothing else. Think twice before watching this movie.
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10 Cloverfield Lane

The film follows the story of a young woman named Michelle (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) who meets with an accident and wakes up to find herself in an underground bunker with two men who insist that an event has left the surface of the Earth uninhabitable. Watching Michelle survive in the bunker as a captive and struggle to find her way out is absolutely gripping. The one thing in common we have with Michelle is that her world has been taken over by Aliens while ours has been taken over by a virus.
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127 Hours

This is a biographical survival film about a man who gets trapped by a boulder in an isolated slot canyon as he’s hiking through the Bluejohn Canyon in Utah. This Oscar-nominated film is far from an easy watch and will leave you feeling a little claustrophobic. While this film will make you thankful that you are safe in your home, it will also make you uneasy and squirmy. Are you ready to take up this challenge?
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The Shining

This psychological horror film is based on a novel with the same name by Stephen King. The story of this movie follows an aspiring writer named Jack who accepts a position as a winter caretaker of a hotel that remains stranded in the Colorado snow for months. Soon enough, Jack succumbs to writer’s block as well as insanity. You want to think twice before watching this film.
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This is another Bollywood film that has the ability to mess with your head. The story follows a two-year-old child named Pihu who is trapped in her own house with no form of help, as her mother is lying dead in the house. This movie may make you anxious and also linger in your mind long after it gets over. Are you willing to take up this challenge?
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While these are movies you may want to think twice before watching, here is a list of movie recommendations that you must absolutely watch.

Stay safe and hang in there!

Alisha Fernandes: Writer. Musician. Dog lover.