Set in an ad agency in the 1990s, Thinkistan, an MX Player web series created by N Padmakumar, chronicles the journeys of two contrasting young copywriters over 11 episodes in the first season. Hema, a Mumbai lad, who speaks good English and jumps a career in tech for advertising, becomes an overnight success. On the other hand is Amit, a Hindi-speaking boy from Bhopal, who struggles to support himself in the city.

Finding good moments in this show is like fishing for chicken pieces in your veg biryani. MTMC is supposedly a leading Indian advertising agency, yet it’s always one bad pitch away from declaring bankruptcy. Even though the show is set in the 1990s, everyone looks like they’re dressed in Zara’s 2019 summer collection. It’s unclear how Hema becomes the star copywriter despite having no experience in advertising. What’s clear is that all it takes Hema to entice the girls in office is a dimpled cheek. The conversations are peppered with cringe-worthy innuendos and there’s really no story to speak of. The show has some good actors: Naveen Kasturia, Vasuki and Mandira Bedi. But there’s nothing they can do to save Thinkistan.

If you have a fetish for self torture, specifically by watching bad TV, then Thinkistan is right up your alley.