While Kannada movies overall are a grand affair, movies starring your favorite actors are quite something else. These megastars run Sandalwood with their grace, performances, and relating their characters to the audience. Their movies have been inspiring and entertaining. Watch these memorable movies to rekindle your favorite memories of Kannada megastars.


Shivraj Kumar is the face of the Kannada movie industry. Watch him in Rustum – a story of friendship, revenge, crime, action, and drama. Shivraj as a police officer giving a rocking performance in this movie is a must-watch for all his fans. Contradictory to his role in Kavacha, Shivraj is hot-headed and brave here.
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One of the best projects done by Puneeth Kumar, Raajakumara is a story of Siddharth, who is adopted by a rich family. He loses his family in a plane crash and tragedy begins to roll. He later gets to know that a minister named Jagannath is involved in his befall. The latter part of the film is all about plotting revenge and fight sequences. It is an entertaining watch for everyone at home.
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Rajkumar is defined as the legendary icon of the Sandalwood industry. He is the hero of every Kannadiga and lives in our hearts. Watch this iconic movie with a plot somehow similar yet different from the ever famous Baahubali. Mayura finds out that he has a royal lineage and his fight to avenge his father’s death follows. Watch the golden prince Rajkumar spreading his aura in the movie.
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Kiccha Huccha

Sudeep plays a stonehearted henchman who follows his boss’ orders. This story shows his beautiful transformation from a rude and ruthless guy to a strong yet kind-hearted man who falls in love. Watch this movie to know what makes him the ”Kiccha” of all Sandalwood fans.
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KGF: Chapter 1

With Yash in the central role, Sandalwood took the world under its feet with this blockbuster hit of 2019. Watch KGF to explore an underlying story of the Kolar Gold Fields and its history that led to bloodshed, slavery, and war.
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Watch these mindblowing Kannada megastars’ movies and keep coming back for more quarantine recommendations. Stay home, stay safe, and keep bingeing!