The Social Dilemma is a docudrama that was released on Netflix. This documentary not only explores the exponential rise of social media in our day and age, but it also exposes the big tech companies that are responsible for the negative effects of social media on our mental and physical wellbeing. Not all of the content is a revelation, some of it we already know –  like social media being addictive or companies like Facebook and Google using our data for financial gains. However, the storytelling of this docudrama is woven with a dramatization of a story cut together with interviews from former employees from Google, Facebook, Pinterest, Apple, etc. It’s this storytelling that makes The Social Dilemma an eye-opening watch as to how we are being manipulated at the hand of these big tech firms.

Ironically, let’s go over to Twitter and see what people have to say about this documentary:

So now you have enough reason to head straight to Netflix and watch The Social Dilemma.


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