In the past, we’ve seen many movies that are well made but didn’t click at the box office for various reasons such as wrong release timing, lack of publicity, no happening cast to attract the audience to the theaters and so on. Nevertheless, the movies that couldn’t sustain at theaters were able to engage the true blue fans in other platforms such as OTT, satellite etc and garnered good critic appreciation and recognition. We’ve bought you a few such hidden Telugu gems that fewer people know about.

Chandamama Kathalu

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This is the first of its kind anthology series featuring eight sub-stories revolving around love. All the main characters of each subplot intertwine at some point seamlessly. The movie was critically acclaimed and was a recipient of the Best Feature Film in Telugu National Award in 2014. Directed by debutante Praveen Sattaru, it failed to pull the audience into theaters but was an instant hit in other platforms.

Sontha Vooru

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Sontha Vooru effectively narrates the tale of the lives of innocent villagers being exploited, who become victims to the development plans of the government. Released in 2009, it stars Anand fame Raja, Thirtha and L. B. Sriram and has won four Nandi Awards.

Yerra Mandaram

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Starring Yamuna and Rajendra Prasad in lead roles, Yerra Mandaram is about a wife who avenges the death of her husband and cleverly proves her innocence. Winner of Nandi Award for the best feature film in the year 1991, this movie is directed by Muthyala Subbaiah.


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Nara Rohit’s debut movie Baanam won many accolades from critics and also a Silver Nandi Award for the second Best Feature Film of 2009. Director Chaithanya was commended for handling a socially sensitive subject, the happenings between the Naxalites and the police.

Naa Autograph

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With Naa Autograph, famous cinematographer S. Gopala Reddy turned into a director and succeded immensely in remaking a Tamil movie titled Autograph. While the film failed to become a hit in its theatrical release, it was a resounding hit on the television. Even today it garners good TRP and all the songs are chartbusters.

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1 Nenokkadine

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Super Star Mahesh Babu and Sukumar teamed up for the first time with 1 Nenokkadine and the film failed at the box office. The main reason was attributed to the screenplay which viewers weren’t able to connect at the first instance. Nevertheless, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that this movie is still one of the best movies for many people who later understood the screenplay and was an instant hit on the Internet.


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Sindhooram is the third movie for director Krishna Vamsi after two blockbusters, Gulabi and Ninne Pelladatha. Starring Ravi Teja and Brahmaji, this movie was critically acclaimed but rejected by the common audience. Sindhooram is a story of a trainee police office Buli Raju who joins the Naxal movement after being falsely accused of a heinous crime by the corrupt police officials.

Appatlo Okadundevadu

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Starring Sri Vishnu in the lead role and directed by Sagar, Appatlo Okadundevadu is one of the finest movies being made but unfortunately couldn’t hit the right chord for its poor publicity and wrong release timing. The film focuses on an aspiring cricketer who turns to crime due to circumstances.


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Released after the blockbuster Magadheera, Orange stars Ram Charan Teja as a man who hesitates to commit to a girl, despite being in love with her. The movie garnered good viewership in OTT platforms and the music album is a runaway hit.


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Yet another Krishna Vamsi directorial that failed to click in theaters but was critically acclaimed.  Starring Jagapathi Babu and Sakshi Shivanand, Samudram is a well-made movie about a common man who is falsely accused of murdering a police officer and it would have clicked had it released with lesser expectations and at a proper time.