A new Brazilian original series Good Morning, Verônica (Bom Dia, Verônica) is all set to stream on Netflix from October 1, 2020. This latest fictional thriller is based on the 2016 book of the same name by criminologist Ilana Casey and the writer Raphael Montes.

Netflix also dropped in the teaser and official key art for the show.

In the teaser, “The clock is ticking and time is running out fast for Verônica (Tainá Müller), a clerk at the São Paulo Homicide Police Station. Overnight, she finds herself on a risky and enigmatic hunt.”

Full of action and suspense, the story of Good Morning, Verônica follows Verônica, a determined police officer, who uses all her investigative skills to dive into two intriguing cases and help victims to wake up against violence and injustice. The first, a woman tricked by an internet scammer. The second, Janete (Camila Morgado), the wife of Brandão (Eduardo Moscovis), an intelligent and dangerous serial killer who leads a normal life, but who, behind the facade, reveals a cruel mind capable of imprisoning its prey like birds in a cage.

The other members of the cast include Elisa Volpatto, Silvio Guindane, César Melo, Adriano Garib and Antônio Grassi. Raphael Montes has created and adapted the show apart from working on its script alongside Ilana Casoy, Gustavo Bragança, Davi Kolb and Carol Garcia.

José Henrique Fonseca will be the general director for Good Morning, Verônica while Izabel Jaguaribe and Rog de Souza will also direct the show. The executive producers are José Henrique Fonseca, Eduardo Pop, Ilana Casey, and Raphael Montes. Zola Filmes is the production company behind this new Netflix show.