Freida Pinto is back to doing what she does best – portraying a simple Indian girl, a la her Lata in Danny Boyle’s superhit Slumdog Millionaire. Latest reports tell us that Freida Pinto has taken on the mantle of lead actor and producer for a new series based on Alka Joshi’s best-selling novel ‘The Henna Artist’.

Freida Pinto will reprise the lead protagonist of the novel, Lakshmi. Set in the backdrop of India of the 1950s,’The Henna Artist’ tells the tale of an India where casteism, classism and sexism were rampant. Lakshmi is an intriguing character who escapes an abusive marriage and builds a new life in Jaipur, creating Henna designs on the palms of the rich and famous ladies of the city. Her carefully constructed life falls to pieces when her deplorable past catches up with her.

Lakshmi is a role that has the potential to do wonders for Freida’s sagging career. She would do well to sink her teeth into the role of The Henna Artist lead. The book has earned praise from all quarters. It was also chosen by Reese Witherspoon as her Book Club’s monthly pick.

The author Alka Joshi and Freida Pinto shared the news on their respective social media handles. Further casting is yet to be completed.