Hotstar has a great collection of wildlife shows and documentaries. Here’s a pick of our favourites.

‘The World’s Most Famous Tiger’ (2017)

A classic story about the circle of life, The World’s Most Famous Tiger is a TV movie featuring Machli (pictured above), Ranthambore National Park’s very own queen mother of tigers. Famed to be a crocodile killer and ruthless hunter, the movie recounts the rise and fall of the most famous tigress in India.
Director: S Nallamuthu
Narrator: Ace Bhatti

‘Savage Kingdom’ (2016)

Emphasizing on Darwin’s ‘survival of the fittest’, Savage Kingdom offers a glimpse into the African Savanna and the power play that goes into surviving the wild. The two-season series chronicles the life of predators such as lions, leopards, hyenas and wild dogs and showcases their conflict, guile and survival skills.
Director: Brad Bestelink
Narrator: Charles Dance
Seasons: Two (2016, 2019)

‘Giants of the Deep Blue’ (2018)

Better classified as gentle giants, Giants of the Deep Blue takes a closer look at the lives and social dynamics of whales. Going beyond the obvious, the TV movie gives a deeper understanding of how these magnificent creatures hunt, survive and thrive.
Director: Ken Corben
Narrator: Bill Graves

‘Monkey Thieves’ (2008)

If Gangs of Wasseypur gave you the chills, then these gangs of the Rhesus Macaques will give you the chuckles. Aptly named the Jaipur Troop, their story is reminiscent of the gangs from Westside Story, with rivals constantly trying to upstage each other. Terrorising the locals with their antics, Monkey Thieves will give you a better insight into the monkey business that happens while living amongst the concrete jungle.
Director: Allison Bean
Narrator: Corey Johnson
Seasons: Three (2008, 2010, 2011)

‘Born in Africa’ (2018)

Featuring the young ones of cheetahs, jackals, hyenas, and lions, Born in Africa is a detailed study in animal parenting. Following the first steps of the cubs, to the tensions faced by four-legged parents, it captures the parent-child bond with élan.
Directors: Stephanie Goldschmit, Eric Gonzalez, Guillaume Maidatchevsky, Marie Oilhan
Narrator: Edward Marcoux
Seasons: One (2018)

‘Animals Gone Wild’ (2014)

Capturing the raw brutality of the jungle, Animals Gone Wild showcases the law of the jungle, which is survival of the fittest. Each episode details a story of animals challenging each other, intense brawls, face-offs with humans and the ultimate win. Be prepared for jaw-dropping and heart-wrenching action as you navigate through the whole series.
Writer: Jordan Ehrlich, Matt Christensen
Narrator: Josh Goodman
Seasons: Three (2014, 2015, 2016)

‘Australia’s Deadly Monsters’ (2017)

The land down under is known for its rich biodiversity and rare creatures who walk the earth. Apart from cuddly koalas and selfie happy quokkas, Australia is home to some of the most deadly animals such as saltwater crocodile, box jellyfish, venomous snakes, white-bellied sea eagles and more. Australia’s Deadly Monsters documents the true colours of these predators as they strive to thrive in the Australian outback.
Director: Martin Baker
Narrator: Mitch Ryan

‘World’s Weirdest’ (2011)

The animal kingdom is often lauded for its pretty habitats, rare beauty, and colourful creatures. However, there are quite a few beasts out there that come across as strange and shocking. World’s Weirdest covers these amazing yet uncanny brutes and the techniques they use to sustain in the wild. From hermaphrodite worms to sex-changing crustaceans, you can catch them all in this unique series.
Creator: David Cepero
Narrator: Jon Wolfson
Seasons: Six (2011-2015)