Looking for a great yoga session to kickstart your virtual fitness goals? Or are you planning to perfect those asanas you’ve been practicing? Disney+ Hotstar has a bunch of yoga shows for practitioners of all levels. Here’s our list of recos.

‘Ira Trivedi’s Yoga Solutions’

Ira Trivedi (pictured above) is a celebrated yoga trainer and author, and is popularly known as the founder of Namami Yoga. Tune in to follow her full-body yoga flows and breathing techniques, much recommended for beginners who want to get acquainted with yoga.
Seasons: 2

‘Face Yoga’

What if we told you there’s a way to look younger, wrinkle-free and healthier even as you gracefully age? Tune in to Face Yoga to understand how face yoga can help you look young throughout your life. Mansi Gulati takes you through this natural face yoga regime that helps reduce wrinkles, face fat and makes you glow.
Seasons: 1

‘Super Yoga with Super Divas’

In this yoga show on, celebrity yoga trainer Lamya Arsiwala and actress Claudia Ciesla share full body yoga flows and breathing techniques that will have you sweating by the end of it. This unique yoga training show is filled with energy, and comes highly recommended for those starting their yoga journey at home.
Seasons: 3

‘The Yoga Chakra’

Ex-model and yoga guru Gauri Sandhu has a lot of interesting information to share in this yoga show. Tune in to understand energy centres in your bodies, and how to make them work for you.
Seasons: 1

‘Traditional Yoga with Shraddha Vora’

Celebrity yoga trainer Shraddha Vora is known as a prominent disciple of yoga guru BKS Iyengar. Tune in to learn authentic yoga techniques.
Seasons: 1

‘Yoga for Supermodels’

Tune in to watch supermodel, Miss India finalist and yoga instructor Swati Kain teach soothing full body yoga flows that will help you tone and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Seasons: 2

‘Yoga for Vitality’

Yoga Trainer Lakshya Elouise shares great yoga workout routines in this show. Tune in to watch her demonstrate full body yoga flows and breathing technique that help build immunity, strength and vitality.
Seasons: 1

‘Yoga for Better Living’

Yoga experts Rohan Shroff and Preet Singh share easy-to-do yoga flows that you can safely practice at home. We recommend you tune in if you too believe in the power of yoga, and how regular practice can help you maintain overall well-being in the long run.
Seasons: 1

‘Be Yoga Fit’

Life coach and yoga expert Smita Joshi takes you through yoga practices that are easy and effective, especially if you’re a beginner who is learning the tricks and trades of the world of holistic wellness through yoga. This show shares yoga flows that improve flexibility and strength, and even help you combat stress.
Seasons: 1

‘Do the Dance Yoga’

Dance workouts are a fun way to stay fit, and if you agree, you must check out this unique fitness show that combines yoga and dance. Celebrity trainer Kush Panchal shares fun and easy to learn dance-yoga routines that help you stay fit and energetic, and improve muscle tone and overall strength.
Seasons: 1

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