Did you die a little the day you got to know you needed glasses? For many, the main dilemma was not being termed as the new hipster or the geek on the block, but was acknowledging the fact that the world had gotten too blurry for you to see beyond a point. You could no longer boast of having 20/20 vision. That’s a scary thought and a scary place to be in.

Then, with a little courage, you would have accepted the fact and seriously thought of giving lenses a try – the best cost-effective cosmetic solution. But that too at some point would have ended badly and left you all teary-eyed! We totally understand how weird and terrifying it can be to actually touch your eyeballs with a foreign, jelly-like substance even if it promises to correct your vision. And so, glasses would have emerged victorious, eventually becoming an indispensable part of you.

If you have worn glasses for too long, you would agree that you and your glasses are in a love-hate relationship. One that cannot exist without love, patience, and a lot of care (your thoughts, after breaking or losing a couple of frames). So, to remind you of all the epic moments and show you that you are not alone, we have listed down the struggles of wearing glasses all the time. Read on!

Hot beverages
Getting fogged all the time when you try to take a sip.
3D Glasses
They are made to mock you. So, do you layer them up or opt for 2D?

They always magically appear even after you have cleaned your glasses thoroughly.

Water droplets, the second most annoying thing after fingerprints.

Friends trying out your glasses
But why? Want to experience a headache? It’s not a game, you know.

To wear glasses or not to wear glasses? You will always be in a fix – to be blind or to bear with the water droplets.

Lying on one side
The most awkward position that never keeps your glasses in one place, thus, disturbing your vision.

One of the many places where glasses go missing.

Prescription eyewear
Like a pair of shades? Can’t wear them unless you back them up with contact lenses or get them prescription-made (so expensive!).

Ugly marks
The marks that emerge on your nose from wearing your glasses constantly. Beauty killer.

Cleaning material
Synthetic material and woolen clothes will never give you a crystal clean finish. And cleaning kits are just a fad- they only last for a couple of weeks after you have bought a new pair of glasses.

Accidental breakage
The reason why you carry a spare or in worst cases, learn how to come up with makeshift fixes.

Do you totally relate to this, or what? But even with all the limitations, you always come crawling back to them. It’s meant to be! 

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