“Your hair is the ball gown, you never take off” – Jo Robertson

Long or short, curly or straight or somewhere in between, your mane requires constant care. A flick here or there can change the perception of your face. It is too much pressure on your precious which are the crown on your head. We know that hair has a mind of its own even if the world doesn’t believe you. How else would you have a bad hair day on important days? Trying to decide on a hairstyle might be perhaps more difficult than to decide what to wear today.  You have all the websites in the world explaining how to determine your face type and chose a hairstyle accordingly. But what about the people who feel like experimenting and want to break out of the mould? The results might be wonderful or utter disasters but, unlike most tragedies, they will be temporary.

Like for every problem in life, Bollywood has an answer for this too. You see actresses looking their best at the various events they attend and in the movies. You can take a couple of leaves out of their books and try some hairstyles. How hair can transform the way your face looks! On this Hairstyle Appreciation Day (yes, there is such a thing), we have compiled a list of some common hairstyles and how actresses with different kinds of hair have rocked that hairstyle.


Updo is the flavor of the season with the summer upon our heads. It’s a misconception that updos only work for extreme casual or extreme formal events. Yes, they work well during those occasions. But, you can don these hairstyles daily and they won’t even take much of your time.


Braids may seem a little old-fashioned but they have never been as trendier before. A single braid running along your hair makes it look super awesome. Also, if you are feeling too lazy you can try something like Alia’s look, pinning up a certain section of your hair and twisting it a little to give it a braid-like look.


Yes, we are talking about the mermaid-like tail that your hair looks that when you do a French plait. They look super cool with all the hair types (except for the girls with short hair, sorry). It is also very convenient as you don’t need to adjust it and it keeps the hair out of your way while looking elegant.


Another style that suits all the hair types and lengths. They change the shape of your face and also give your eyes some definition. You should definitely try eye make-up when you go for this hairstyle.

Open hair

Like they say natural is always the best and out-of-bed look is in. Why not use that excuse to let your hair hang free and let the world have a glimpse of your beautiful mane?


Old is gold and the retro bouffant and hair bands are currently trending now. Long or short these will certainly give your face that oval shape, which everyone desires.

Are you ready to give these hairstyles a try? Tell us in the comments below and don’t forget to share this with your friends.

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