Sucker PunchAll the men, would want to sit up and open their ears for this. Sucker Punch is a male fantasy come true. There is no other way to put it. Strippers meet Play Station. But that’s it. It has nothing more to offer in terms of thrill, story or performances.

Banished to a mental asylum by her gold-digging guardian after being framed for a murder he committed, Baby doll (Emily Browning) has one aim: freedom. Her greatest strength is her imagination, where she escapes into a far more colorful world than her morbid reality.


The subdued tone changes to a playful one and filthy robes are replaced with corsets and garters. Baby is joined by her cheesily named inmates on her quest for freedom. Five tools are to be obtained within the few days she has before a lobotomy is performed on her. Baby’s strongest weapon is her enrapturing dance, which she performs tutored by the psychologist turned bad teacher, Madam Gorski, to engage her ‘customers’.

Sucker Punch

That dance however remains a mystery as every time she begins, her eyes close and the girl gang is transported into video game territory with dwarfing machines, fiery dragons and heavy-duty ammo. They battle in their tight leather finery to capture the required tool and escape in limited time. Now, the hitler-esque boss earns big bucks on them and it isn’t all that easy. Regardless, they pursue their goal to be met with some bloody scenarios.

The concept has evolved from a supremely imaginative mind but hasn’t been translated to screen to evoke a response. There are no inspiring or tear-jerking moments and not a single pique in the plot. The philosophical beginning and end of the movie is lost on the audience and all the talk about guardian angels is just hollow. The little acting talent the girls have is drowned underneath heavy make-up and costumes making it seem more like girls playing dress up.

The basic story follows a method in its own complicated manner but lacks punch!

Sucker Punch


[Rating: 1]

Raashi Malhotra

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  1. raju

    March 26, 2011 at 12:06 am

    a very bad and boring picture

  2. AJD

    July 13, 2011 at 9:15 pm

    This film is what it is. it’s very entertaining and does have a good story to hold the action together. the film isn’t supposed to make you cry or leave you in deep throught, it’s just supposed to be enjoyed. if your too stuck up to enjoy it then you should probably avoid it and any similar pics.

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