Super Bowl ads 2015: The hits and misses

Gone are the days when the most anticipated and memorable thing about the Super Bowl was football. Whether you like it or not, we can all agree that it’s the one day people prefer the commercials over the actual show. Each year, we are treated to a variety of ads; some good, others… Not so much. The Super Bowl 2015 was no exception, featuring giants like Coca-Cola, BMW and Squarespace, to name a few. Missed the fun this year? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our favorite and least favorite ads from the Super Bowl 2015:

The Hits:

Always – Like a Girl


With this ad, Always set out to redefine the term "like a girl". Does he throw like a girl? Run like a girl? Talk like a girl? That’s not such a bad thing after all. This commercial was especially refreshing when we considered the contrast between the other ad spots that aired that night!

Budweiser – Lost Dog


If there’s two things that always make advertisements work, they’re babies and puppies. Budweiser knows exactly that. Dogs are man’s best friends for a reason, and the brand appealed to the part of us that couldn’t help but go "Awww!".

Clash of Clans – Revenge

It’s not unusual to get a little too intense when it comes to video games. And let’s face it, we’ve all had embarrassing usernames like AngryLiam52. This is why we couldn’t stop laughing when we saw Liam Neeson channel all his intensity (and that’s a lot!) over a game of Clash of Clans!

McDonald’s – Pay With Lovin’

Wouldn’t it be fun if we could pay for food with hugs and fist-bumps? For a limited time, you can do just that at McDonald’s! Pay With Lovin’ showed us delightful moments at the restaurant, as customers paid with fist-bumps, phone calls to loved ones and dances!

Coca-Cola – Big Game

The world is what we make it. Let’s make it happy. Once again, Coca-Cola hit the nail on the head with a commercial that beautifully depicted this simple message. If there’s one brand that we can rely on for simple but beautiful commercials, it’s Coca-Cola, isn’t it?

The Misses:

Nissan – With Dad

With Dad isn’t an inherently bad commercial. However, the ad spot tries too hard to be touching. This, in turn, makes it seem a tad too dramatic, especially when you consider the context.

GoDaddy – Working

Like Nissan, GoDaddy tried way too hard to be heartfelt and memorable. Unfortunately, the brand’s attempt to shed their raunchy image led to a sub-par final product. The ad spot simply left us wondering, "Are we supposed to feel bad for this guy?"

Mercedes-Benz – Fable


Yes, advertisements featuring animals work 9 times out of 10. This was clearly the 10th time. We still don’t know what Mercedes was thinking. Were we really supposed to take a turtle’s word when it comes to speed?

TurboTax – Boston Tea Party

TurboTax decided to reimagine history in their Super Bowl commercial. Unfortunately, the ad spot was neither witty nor factually accurate enough to hold our interest.

Jublia – Tackle Toe Fungus

Very few things are as disturbing as this Jublia commercial. The worst part? Toe fungus is probably the least disturbing aspect of the ad spot. Watching a toe (yes, just one toe) come to life and "tackle" fungus quite literally is… Well, less than amazing.

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