What if superheroes existed in real life?

Superheroes. They are our modern day manifestation of what God would be like. Armored with Weapons and Skills to fight the evil, determined to save the mankind from destruction, Superhereos are the modern-day messiah in which we long to see virtues of strength, courage and wisdom.
But, picture this: How would it be like if the Superheroes existed in reality?  In our own messy complex world, in which we live?
Considering that the country is in the mood to vote for change in the upcoming election, our Superhero would have done wonders in extracting the truth into the matter of politics.
A superhero like Batman would have saved us from the nightmare of getting stuck in long traffic,especially the Mumbai Traffic! Imagine, him running on all the cars and sweeping through a narrow space. He would have lifted the bigger ones (automobiles) and made space for us to reach our destination on time.
A superhero like HULK is ideal for protecting us from all the moral-policing that goes on to create unnecessary drama. He could be the cool body-guard of a pub to save us from the cunning inspectors who are more interested in getting their own pockets filled by raiding places to party.
Spiderman who is known to use  jump into buildings would have saved our women from all the crimes. Instead of dialing the Helpline numbers! They would Shout “Spiderman!” for help..And he would save our ladies from all the possible crimes.
Superheroes can help us revisit the pending justice scene in India. The long pending cases can be cleared and finally we can call this a nation where Justic is granted on Time. It would be really cool to visit the court where the judge would be dynamic and fancy like our Superheroes.
But we need many such superheroes because our country is hugely populated and diversified.  Our superheroes would be so cool that we would vote for them in elections than the boring old politicians who rant and give speeches to make us bored to death and most importantly, the superheroes, would not launch campaigns or filled the world of internet with their advertisements. They would only fight the evil and we would watch the news channels with more enthusiasm to see what wonders can they do to our world. Imagine! A day like this can come. Maybe, all we need is more such flicks to make us believe so.  Or maybe you can be the next Super-hero to turn this dream to reality.
P.S. Do not try the stunts performed by the superheroes at home.
By Sourav Chandgothia

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