There’s not too much science fiction involved in Surrogates, other than the fact that it is a kind of futuristic movie and involves robotic people to a certain extent.

The story begins with people commenting on the progress in robotics which now allows a robotic arm to function purely on thought basis. That was 14 years ago. 7 years down the line, there are even more advancements by a company called VSI – with the introduction of all surrogates – but the founder of the technology splits up with the company due to some disagreement with the company members.

The present day has a lot of activists against robots (as expected in such a movie) and they have created their own demarcated territories which allow no robots in their complex. Though the crime rate in the US of A has fallen down by 99 percent since the use of surrogacy, a Prophet among the anti-robot activists wishes people to be as they are.

The story starts with a murder of a surrogate along with his operator by some yet-unknown weapon. The investigation of this homicide is carried out by a very young and wavy-haired Bruce Willis (his surrogate, of course) along with his partner Radha Mitchell. The last-minute video of another surrogate gives an insight into the actual murder weapon and a face trace in the crime computer gives a lead to the bearer of the weapon at the time of the murder.

Willis is able to track the murderer down to his lair in the anti-robots camp but is foiled in his attempt by the activists who completely break down his surrogate allowing the murderer to run free. Willis is suspended from his department for not following the rules and intrusion into the designated human-camping zone. This makes Willis take up the investigation all by himself and unfolds a conspiracy deep down behind the surrogate movement.

On hindsight, there seems to be not much of a great story to keep you engrossed for a long time. This one is a definite one-time watch for any movie buff; even those who aren’t attracted towards the sci-fi stuff.

Contributed by Rakesh Nair

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