Tammy: Film Review – The poor man’s Thelma & Louise

The first trailer for Tammy seemed promising. Crazy hijinks on a road trip – that’s got to make for a good movie, right? Wrong.


When the newly-dumped and fired Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) decides to go on a road trip, her grandmother (Susan Sarandon) joins her as they make their way to the Niagara Falls. As you might have guessed, not everything goes according to plan and the duo find themselves in more trouble than they had anticipated. To make matters worse, they find their relationship challenged when unpleasant secrets bubble to the surface.

It’s no coincidence that this film, also starring Susan Sarandon, sounds like Thelma & Louise. However, Tammy has neither the plot, nor the charm that the former possessed. Though the film starts off on a promising note, the story quickly loses any semblance of originality it had.

The leading ladies are the saving grace of the film. They take the mediocre script, and try to make it as entertaining as possible. Their dynamic, and the changes in it through the film, is probably the only entertaining thing in the film. As always, Susan Sarandon gives a charming performance that makes you root for her.

Though Melissa McCarthy delivers a good performance as well, she feels like something of a caricature of herself. We would love to see her as something other than the obnoxious, trash-talking woman who’s the butt of many fat jokes.

The other performances are forgettable and unremarkable. Even talented actors like Toni Collette, Gary Cole and Kathy Bates fail to make much of an impression in this movie.

The story and the dialogue are predictable and filled with cliches and stereotypes we’ve all seen before. Additionally, it tries to incorporate too many sub-plots and twists that keep it from being truly entertaining. It also doesn’t help that we have heard every joke in the film at least a few times already.

All these inconsistencies come together to form Tammy – a dull, uninspired and unfunny film that fails to live up to its initial promise. To make matters worse, the movie also wastes the talent of two remarkable actresses.

Why should you watch this film?
If you haven’t seen Thelma & Louise and are looking to watch the lite version (pun intended), you’ve found it. Fans of Susan Sarandon and Melissa McCarthy may also enjoy the film, which is far from spectacular. If you have a lot of free time and want to watch the lovely leading ladies, Tammy might be your cup of tea.

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