tangled-1.jpgOh! To have the beauty of animation and 3D transcend on screen in complete harmony! “Tangled is a true delight for the eyes. As little kids, the fairy tales we hear become the dreams we see. For little Rapunzel ,trapped in her sky-scrapper solitary tower, the dream is to see the beautiful floating lights that appear in the sky, almost magically, every year on her birthday. tangled-2.jpg

The lights are actually her true calling because the date isn’t just a co-incidence. The lanterns are lit by the King and Queen in hope that their kidnapped Princess will return home. Alas! The Princess has been brought up by her sly abductor, imprisoned all her life and has had ‘Mommy knows best’ hammered into her head. Actually Mommy is a vain, selfish hag using Rapunzel’s magical hair to forever revel in her youth.

The lass, however, is nearing her 18th birthday and is quite determined to get her way. She seizes the opportunity when a thief, Flynn, unknowingly treads on her territory. Though Flynn tries to melt her with his grin, mesmerizing eyes and a smooth ‘How you doing?’ these modern girls are quite intelligent. So she offers him a deal: he has to take her to see the lights and she has to give him his precious stolen goods back.

tangled-3.jpgOff they go on her adventure, boy, girl and pet chameleon, encountering an array of characters on their way.  Watching them is a true joy. Every raise of an eyebrow, lopsided smirk and deep breath is emoted to such perfection you almost forget they are animated! The mastery of it all lies in the unspeaking characters and their chemistry with the humans!

Maximus, the castle horse, is the true hero in all senses of the word. The rainbow of expressions he portrays through different thoughts is incredible! Right from pride to softness, anger to love, spoilt to teasing. Yes, this is a horse we are talking about who actually builds a delightful rapport with Flynn.


The world is a big bad one, just as Rapunzel is told. She’s a smart cookie though and fights her own battles with her ‘trusty’ frying pan. Rogues, ruffians, evil Mother, bring ‘em all on. The humour is unassuming and natural making you react just as you would in real life. It is a blend of wit and simplicity, whimsy with touch of reality, the dark balanced by the golden and a dash of innocence infused with melodious tunes. I guarantee your eyes will well-up near the end.

For the adults, it’s their beloved fairy tale with a twist. As for the kids, it won’t hurt to learn a bit about the real world in this evolved tale. It could become the new fairy tale. We all have to change with time now don’t we? Just like the girl in the tower.


Raashi Malhotra


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1 Comment

  1. Sunita

    January 27, 2011 at 10:19 am

    Its a very very nice movie with a unique twist
    Current story is as good as Previous one

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