TBT: 10 Best Cameos of F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The rib-tickling, side-splitting TV show, F.R.I.E.N.D.S, left us craving for just a little more when it came to an end. The charm of Central Perk was irrefutably the result of Phoebe’s eccentricity, Ross’ obsession with dinosaurs, Monica’s obsessive compulsive disorder, Chandler’s sarcasm, Rachel’s narcissism and Joey’s… well, “How you doin’?” Apart from the six incredibly intriguing friends, the show consisted of a number of celebrity cameos, that added yet another element of hilarity to the show. So here’s a throwback to the most entertaining, enjoyable and captivating show that is probably one of the very few shows that can be watched time and again.

Brad Pitt tops the list with his role as Will Colbert, an old pal who went to high school with Ross, Monica and Rachel. He brought in a gush of tension into the room with the revelation that he was the founder of the ‘I Hate Rachel Green’ club along with co-founder and only other member, Ross.

2. Danny Devito
With Phoebe’s bachelorette party coming up, Monica and Rachel hire a stripper, expecting someone hunky, tall and rugged. Much to their surprise, they end up with someone fat, short and bald. Danny Devito, aka the stripper, puts up a comical stripper act and eventually ends up in tears!

At third place, we have Tommy, Rachel’s new boyfriend, played by Ben Stiller. A perfect gentleman while he’s around her, he turns out to be a nutjob while she’s not around. From yelling at Ross, an elderly couple and even a baby chicken, he’s done it all!

4. Bruce Willis
Next up, we have Bruce Willis, playing the role of Paul Stevens, the father of Ross’ much younger girlfriend, who in the process of intimidating Ross, starts dating Rachel. His plan to terrorize Ross was short-lived when Ross, while hiding under the bed, watched him amusingly flatter himself in front of a mirror! He’s totally a “love machine”, isn’t he?

5. Brooke Shields
In one of the best Laugh-Out-Loud episodes, Joey meets a fan! Did we mention, a crazy one? Brooke Shields plays the fan, who believes Joey really is Dr. Drake Ramoray from the TV show ‘Days of Our Lives’. Joey, immensely flattered but slightly scared, agrees to go out for dinner with her. He realizes it wasn’t his best idea, as soon as she laughs dangerously and licks his hands!

6. Jennifer Coolidge
Jennifer Coolidge plays Amanda, a pompous old friend of Monica and Phoebe from England, bearing a fake accent. Monica and Phoebe try their level best to avoid her, but in vain. Amanda’s conversation mainly consisted of instructions including: “Look at me! Look how young I look! Smell my neck! It’s not perfume – it’s me! Touch my abs! I don’t exercise at all!”. Well, isn’t she a treat?

7. Reese Witherspoon
The love-hate relationship between Rachel and her sisters managed to tickle our funny bone every single time! In another hilarious episode, her sister, Jill Green is played by Reese Witherspoon, who persistently tries to pursue Ross. She goes on to break the sister-code and ultimately digs her own grave!

8. Winona Ryder
Winona Ryder plays Melissa Warburton, one of Rachel’s friends from college. Oh, this was no ordinary friend. Rachel spends a whole evening with Phoebe and Melissa, relentlessly trying to convince Phoebe that she kissed Melissa on a drunken night in college. Phoebe doesn’t buy her story till the end of the evening, when Melissa confesses to still being in love with Rachel!

9. Julia Roberts
Chandler runs into his former classmate, Susie, who he used to tease. Julia Roberts plays Susie, who decides to take revenge, which is completely justified. After all, Chandler pulled down her skirt in front of all the other kids, which in school was considered a social catastrophe! By the end of their date, Chandler is stuck in a toilet wearing nothing but shame.

10. Christina Applegate
Yes, this one’s about Rachel’s much-disliked sister, Amy, played by Christina Applegate. Spoilt, conceited, ego-centric, high-maintenance and narcissistic, Amy is a delight! This episode left us literally R-O-F-L while the sisters’ petty squabble turned into a cat fight. 

Leave us a comment below and tell us who your favorite cameos were!
Written by Maithili Khansaheb

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