Tête-à-Tête with Arunoday Singh from “Yeh Saali Zindagi”

“Why doesn’t Shahrukh do an art film?” – Arunoday Singh

We caught Arunoday Singh heading towards Fun Republic for his shoot. After hopping into his red Scorpio which was self-driven by the tall, well-built actor, we finally started our candid conversation on wheels.

arunoday Singh

A few excerpts from the interview:

Q. After playing a ‘Kashmiri militant’ in “Sikander”, a no-more-chashmish loser in “Aisha” and a struggling writer-director in “Mirch”, what sort of a character are you rolling out with your upcoming flick “Yeh Saali Zindagi” ?

In “Yeh Saali Zindagi”, I am playing Kuldeep, a gangster who is on his last job as his wife is threatening to walk out on him completely, and he begins to suspect she is leaving him for another man. I am playing a husband who is into all the bad stuff and spares no time for his wife. The role of my wife is played by Aditi Rao.

Q. What drove you into signing the film? Characters or the plot?

There are many factors that pulled me into the film. Firstly, the film was being directed by my favorite director Sudhir Mishra and acting in his film was a golden opportunity for me. I auditioned for the film and I was lucky enough to be the chosen one. Secondly, I always wanted to work with someone like Irrfan. He is one of the finest actors in the industry.

Q. Were you constantly guided by Irrfan while shooting for the film?

Yes, I was guided by Irrfan but it was not constant nagging. Irrfan is a different kind of person, not egoistic at all. Yes, he used to give me pointers here and there. But on the whole, he lets people do their own stuff.

Q. How was your overall working experience? Was it smooth throughout? Did you gel well with the others?

The whole cast was fun to work with, especially Aditi. We had a great time. Yes, we had a few logistical hurdles, but that’s not a big deal. It keeps happening. The good bit was we didn’t have any differences amongst ourselves. (Hope this is true Arunoday!)

Q. What kind of response are you expecting from the audience? Will “Yeh Saali Zindagi” top the charts?

“Yeh Saali Zindagi” is a very interesting film. People should watch and appreciate such kind of films. If they don’t like this one, they definitely do not deserve to be served with good cinema.

Q. What’s you dream role like?

Umm…my dream role would certainly be a swashbuckling one. May be the next ‘Batman’(winks). I also love historical epics and mythology. So if a director or a producer is coming up with a mythological film, I am always there. Moreover, I have been professionally trained in sport activities like horse riding.

Q. Being from a political backdrop, why did you decide to go the Bollywood way?

I never thought of stepping into politics. It’s just not my kind of profession. Moreover, I think politics is something that just believes in taking and never giving. I developed my love for acting and films since I was a little 9-year old kid. On an amateur level, I was a part of every play that was performed in my school and college. There is a lot of creativity that goes into theater and films and you experience joy when your passion becomes your profession. I enjoy acting thoroughly!

Q. Like the rest, even you would be aiming to enter the Hollywood space. Your take on Hollywood and Bollywood.

Obviously, I would love to work for Hollywood films as the quality of their craft is unmatchable. It might take us several years to reach that level. Hollywood undeniably has higher caliber. We lag behind on many fronts. It is not that we lack artistic brilliance, we have a huge lot of brilliant people in Bollywood. But the problem starts with the issue of commercialism. We are extremely commercial and hardly concentrate on cinematic excellence. Even Hollywood is commercial but they do give due respect to all genres of films. Why doesn’t Shahrukh do an art film? We look at the monetary aspect of everything. If someone like SRK does a small banner art film, it will surely be a huge success. Also, the genre will be respected and will gain more audience attention and attraction. I do not wish to blame anyone for the current scenario in Bollywood, even I belong to the same clan. Indian cinema has a long way to go.

Q. Your take on relationships.

(Laughs) I am the wrong person to discuss this. Love is the most wonderful thing when it’s good and the most terrible thing when it gets bad. It’s something no one has ever been able to understand perfectly. I have never been in a relationship for more than a month. I am very independent and immature. When it comes to love and relationships, I can say I am a wanderer. But I would surely love to be good at it.

Q. What kind of a girl would you fall for? Someone as hot as Chitrangada?

May be. But beauty isn’t the only thing that matters. I have known many beautiful ladies but I would opt for someone who is more than what she looks in the mirror. You can call her a ‘Woman of Substance’.

Q. Coming back to films, what’s your next project after “Yeh Saali Zindagi”?

Nothing finalized as of now. I have not reached a level where people come to me with scripts. I have been auditioning for films.

Q. Where do you see yourself five years down the line?

(Wittily says) I have just done another Sudhir Mishra film and now heading to Barcelona, Spain. I see myself on the international platform.

Q. Lastly, your message to the BMS audience.

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Waiting to work with: Director Vishal Bhardwaj

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