The Best Auditions Of American Idol : The Farewell Season

All good things come to an end. Well, at least most good things do. Regardless of our nationality, we seem to have always loved American Idol. Created by Simon Fuller, this life-changing reality show has been around for over a decade. Not only do we witness rags-to-riches stories on the show, which inspire us to chase our dreams, but we are also treated to some fabulous vocals and quality music. American Idol has given us legit superstars and as viewers, we often root for our favourite contestants and turn into judges ourselves in the comfort of our homes. Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban and Harry Connick have graced American Idol – Season 15 with their gorgeous presence. As the season is coming to an end, it would be painful to let go without looking back at some of the best auditions we have witnessed.

1. Sonika Vaid

 2. Manny Torres

 3. Colette Lush

 4. La’ Porsha Renae

5. Emily Brooke

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