The Good Dinosaur: Film Review – Life Lessons in 3D

Verdict: A kids’ film that all adults must watch.

When the writer of a film has multiple Oscar nominations under his belt (Bob Peterson), and the director (Peter Sohn) has the adorable Partly Cloudy in his filmography, you know that the film is going to make you sit Up and take notice. And The Good Dinosaur does. 

This film explores the sadly desirable scenario in which the asteroid that killed off the dinosaurs never hits earth and humans never get to dominate it. In this scenario, Earth is abundant with natural beauty (something this film captures spectacularly), and dinosaurs are farmers and bison herders. The hero of this story is Arlo, the youngest son in a  farming family of Apatosauruses. He has neither the strength of his older brother and sister, nor their fearlessness. Something they don’t let him forget. But he gets a chance to discover these qualities within himself when he falls into the river and finds himself lost in a strange land. How cowering, trembling Arlo makes his peace with the big, bad world and finds his way back home forms the rest of the story. 

Of course, he’s not alone on his journey- he’s assisted by his human-meets-dog friend who he christens Spot. The relationship between Arlo and the oh-so-adorable Spot is a reminder of the benefits of friendship. Along the way, Arlo meets nomadic T-Rexes,  predatory Pterodactyls, and a terrified Triceratops, and learns something vital from all these experiences. Arlo’s adventure-filled journey will have you laughing, smiling and occasionally fighting back tears. 

The art direction for this film is, needless to say, brilliant (when has Pixar produced an average-looking movie)? The first rays of sunlight bouncing off the surface of rippling water. Sunlight filtered through autumn leaves. The bird’s eye view of iridescent salt pans. There are so many visuals in the film that’ll make you sigh. It’s story is deep and rich with metaphors, and the characters so adorable that you want to run and give them hugs. 

With writing that is always honest and sometimes witty, and a simple yet engaging plot, this film keeps you hooked throughout its 90-odd minutes. Just long enough for the kids to be entertained and learn a few things about life!

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

Because it will teach you and your kids (if you have any) some vital life lessons. Like, everybody’s afraid deep down inside. Like, respect has to be earned. Like, you need good friends to survive in life. Like, if you eat all the berries you find in Nature, you will occasionally get high.


Release Date: Dec 4, 2015
Language: English
Director: Peter Sohn
Genre: Animation, Comedy, Family
Cast & Crew: Raymond Ochoa, Jack Bright, Sam Elliott, Frances McDormand, Jeffrey Wright
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