THE MAN OF STEEL – 1978-2013

Look! Up in sky. It’s a bird, it’s a plane… we all know how it ends, don’t we? This particular line makes every Superman fanatic jump with joy. The much-awaited Man Of Steel releases this week and not just fans but pretty much everyone around the globe is excited to watch it. After all, the film is directed by Zack Snyder along with the fact that the movie looks “Nolanized” (the film has been produced by the director of The Dark Knight Trilogy, Christopher Nolan).
Here’s an ode to one of our favorite superheroes, Superman…
Kal-El, son of Jor-El, hailed from the planet Krypton. He was rocketed to planet Earth by Jor-El in the planet’s dying moments. The Kent family found this infant boy and raised him up as their own. Hence, Clark Kent was born and soon enough he realized he wasn’t human enough to handle the regular wordly affairs for he was meant for greatness – to be the savior of mankind.
Superman was not only the first Superhero comic book I read but was also the first Superhero movie I watched. Yes, I do love Batman, Ironman, Green Lantern and the likes but Superman was one superhero that always stood out. “The son becomes the father, the father becomes the son” is a line that inspires me even today.
The Movies (In chronological order):
Superman I was the first Superman movie I watched. I was all of 10 years old but nonetheless, it blew my mind away. So much that I would wear a cape and run around humming John Williams’ iconic Superman theme. The movie showed the journey of Superman – From the time Jor-El sent him to Earth to his iconic superhero moments.
Superman II is, and probably will remain my favorite Superman movie. The dialogue “Kneel before ZOD” gives me the goosebumps every time! However, Parts III and IV were quite a letdown from a movie point of view. After a long hiatus came Superman Returns (2006).
After an infinitely long visit to find remains of his planet Krypton, Superman returned to Earth and became the savior once again. The movie was strictly OK but just because of the fact that a Superman movie was made after so long, it did strike a chord in my heart.
Man Of Steel
The much-awaited Man Of Steel shall release this week and I, personally, have a lot of expectations from the movie. The movie’s trailer looks like the Superman franchise is going to get a complete reboot. Right from Clark’s childhood to him being a Superhero. There are a few things that would come to any Superman fan’s mind when they think of this movie.
Firstly, Hans Zimmer is the music composer of this movie. We’ll have to wait and watch if he can stand up to the task of equaling, if not bettering, John Williams’ magical Superman theme. Zimmer is brilliant, no doubt, but composing the score for a Superman movie is sure an uphill task.
Secondly, will Henry Cavill be able to live up to Christopher Reeve? Reeve’s charm and exuberance as Superman is literally unbeatable. From the trailers it looks like Henry Cavill seems to have done the job pretty well but it is a little too early to take a call on that.
General Zod is back this time though there is no mention of Lex Luthor anywhere. General Zod is one of the scariest super-villains ever (atleast in the movies). The cold and agonizing stare in the trailers makes you believe that he is a formidable man who can daunt and perturb you from a million miles away!
With so many elements in the picture, this may just turn out be epic and I sincerely hope it beats Superman 2 too. Russell Crowe plays the role of Jor-El which is a great thing in my opinion.

The whole look and feel of all the trailers is hauntingly dark yet beautiful (especially the scene when Superman takes off from the icy ground). This is one movie I cannot wait to watch and I’m pretty sure that everyone reading this is on the same page as I am.
Man Of Steel. Go kill it at the box office!
Pratyush Cavutur

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