The Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger

There is little doubt that fashion bloggers are the new celebrities in the online world. They tie-up with A-list brands and the most famous ones even have a million followers of their social media updates. Cut to eight years back and fashion blogging was barely a thing. So, when millennials were introduced to this discipline, they went all out and suddenly everyone wants to pursue this form of blogging.

Many of us might believe that fashion blogging is a walk in the park. The bloggers get loads of free goodies, they travel the world in style and are nothing short of being social media goddesses. But then, with great power comes great responsibility right?

We here unveil some truths barely spoken of the seemingly glamorous concept that is fashion blogging.

Instagram Vs. RealityThe Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowIf you have always wondered how they get the perfect breakfast-in-bed shot, it’s time you realized there is plenty of planning behind it. Fashion bloggers don’t just wake up to awesome looking breakkie besides a Vogue magazine every morning.

All That Traveling Does Bog You DownThe Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowWhat we don’t realize is that all the traveling while fun can be physically exhausting. Imagine being in a vacuum for eight hours three times a month and not having a grip of where you are.

Planning GaloreThe Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowAs a fashion blogger, you need to plan everything and we mean EVERYTHING in advance. You have to research the latest trends, schedule your outfit posts for the week and sometimes even for the month. Moreover, you also need to fit in interactions and meet and greets with their followers. Phew!

Freebies All the Time? Nope!The Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowEstablishing and building relationships with the right brands is a huge part of being a fashion blogger. A lot of people think that bloggers receive free stuff all the time, but it’s actually a very curated and strategic alignment process, for both the brand and the blogger.

A 24×7 Job:The Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowBeing a blogger is a 24-hour, seven days-a-week job. No sick leaves here. Bloggers who are doing a good job make it look effortless but they are usually up until 3 a.m. editing photos, answering e-mails and planning stuff. Work hard, play hard, right?

So Many Social Media Platforms:The Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowSocial media can be stressful. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and so many more. And that does not include the blog. There are so many different platforms and each one needs different content and strategy. You can imagine.

You are your own Team:The Not-So Glamorous Truths About Being a Fashion Blogger- BookMyShowUnless you are a reputed blogger, you won’t be able to afford a team of people working for you. So, you are your own PR manager, writer, editor and marketing director.

Now that you know the truth behind fashion blogging, do you still think it is just as rewarding and even easy? Let us know in the comments below.

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