The Perfect Girl- Ek Simple Si Love Story: Film Review- Timepass!

Boy meets girl. They fall in love. That’s a simple si love story. 

Boy meets girl. They instantly fall for each other and find in each other perfection. However, they don’t meet again for more than a decade and the boy despite all efforts cannot forget the girl- a not-so-simple love story. Contrary to the title, the film The Perfect Girl- Ek Simple Si Love Story has much more to its plot than just a romantic story. 
Jay, portrayed by Teeshay Shah, is a 35-year-old morose film-maker, with inexplicable hair, who refuses to get married. He is constantly pestered by his friends, family and acquaintances for an arranged marriage, because well, anyone being 35 and yet unmarried is one of the gravest issues troubling India. His well-wishers soon find out that Jay is still in love with a girl named Vedika, essayed by Tara Alisha Berry. We are transported back 14 years to when this love story begins. Jay and Vedika have a serendipitous encounter in Goa following which they confide in each other their deepest secrets, childhood trauma, re-incarnation, their dreams et al. They realize that they are perfect for each other. However, destiny has other plans for them. 
The movie, though quite conventional for the most part, has its unconventional and entertaining moments. There are some genuinely funny instances in the film that crack you up. The opening scene is a well-written parody of the anti-smoking commercials, mentioning how a failed love story is hanikarak for your health. The film begins on an interesting note but soon turns philosophical and monotonous, and leads to a drab climax. 
Prakash Nambiar has attempted to portray this simple love story in a hatke manner. For a newcomer, Teeshay is quite believable in parts as the lovelorn film-maker who cannot get over his unrequited love. As far as Tara Alisha Berry is concerned, she doesn’t try too hard to look comfortable in her character and that works in her favor. The film lacks in the dialogue department and demands a crisper storyline. The cinematography deserves a mention. However, unlike the title, this is not a perfect film.
Why You Should Watch The Movie: 
Teeshay and Tara Alisha Berry deliver well, despite some flaws. The film has some laughter-inducing moments and is different from other, run-of-the-mill romantic films. 

Release Date: Sep 11, 2015
Language: Hindi
Director: Prakash Nambiar
Genre: Romance
Cast & Crew: Teeshay Shah, Tara Alisha Berry, Shishir Sharma, Sonali Sachdev, Raju Kher, Smita Hai, Vijay Shetty
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