The Shallows: Film Review – Not Another Shark Movie

Verdict: A typical man vs shark movie, but better.

What do Jaws, Deep Blue Sea, Sharknado, Open Water, and Shark Night have in common? They’re all movies about sharks! Watching these movies could give you Thalassophobia (fear of the sea). Sometimes, ghosts do not scare us as easily as these real life monsters. And sharks, with their razor-sharp teeth that can cut through steel, can certainly give you the chills. This is what makes a shark movie all the more enticing to watch. Action and thrills are guaranteed! Add some great visual effects to it and even a bad plot can turn into a good movie. The upcoming survival thriller film, The Shallows, is something like that.

The Shallows has a simple story line. A girl goes to the beach, ventures too far into the sea, is attacked by a shark, manages to swim to a rock, and gets stranded there as the shark circles her. The movie follows Nancy Adams (Blake Lively) on a vacation to an unknown beach in Mexico, where her late mother had been. The beach is almost empty, except for two surfers in the sea. After checking in with her family at home via Facetime, she joins the surfers in the beautiful blue ocean. Late in the evening, the surfers leave and Nancy decides to ride her last wave back to the beach. Suddenly, she notices the carcass of a large whale in the ocean. As she goes to investigate, she is attacked by a deadly shark. With a lot of struggle, Nancy manages to pull herself to a nearby rock. But the shark begins circling her, bidding his time. Nancy’s only hope is to use her wits to survive the sea monster in his home turf.

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From the start, Blake Lively makes it clear that she is the focus of the movie, not the shark. The camera is barely ever taken off of her. While the plot is pretty simple and explained in the first 20 minutes of the film, the rest of it is dedicated to Lively’s quick thinking, survival skills, wit, and wisdom. Thanks to the nicely blended special effects, there’s not one moment of boredom in the movie. The gripping action keeps you engaged, and you are constantly rooting for Lively to outwit the shark. As expected, there are some moments of ludicrousness, like Lively getting exceptional network on a random beach in Mexico, or her managing to swim to a buoy in a sea swarming with jellyfish and the shark, but the silliness is forgiven, just to see Lively make it in the end.
Why You Should Watch This Movie:
For a survival thriller film, there’s plenty of action and drama in the movie. If you like watching Blake Lively on screen, enjoy doing that for 86 minutes straight. Her perfectly toned body is an added perk. 

Release Date: 16 Sep, 2016
Language: English
Director: Jaume Collet-Serra
Genre: Drama, Thriller
Cast & Crew: Blake Lively
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