The Space Between Us : Film Review – An Inter-Planetary Teen Romance

Verdict: Heart-warming and romantic, the perfect watch for a date night.

A sci-fi romance directed by Peter Chelshom, The Space Between Us, is about a 16-year-old Gardner (Asa Butterfield) who has lived on Mars all his life and falls in love with a street smart girl from Earth, Tulsa (Britt Robertson) via the Internet.  With themes of courage and friendship, the movie begins with Nathaniel Shepherd (Gary Oldman), the brainchild behind the Mars colonization program, talking about how “The humankind has only one resource which is without any limits – COURAGE.” This sweet but not particularly out-of-the world young romance celebrates the need of friendship and connection but at times, lacks the necessary sparks.The Space Between Us - Film Review - BookMyShow

On a mission to colonize Mars, the lead astronaut Sarah Elliott (Janet Montgomery) learns that she is pregnant and dies giving birth to the first human born on Mars. Raised in near isolation, with his best friends being his surrogate mother Kendra (Carla Gugino) and his robot side-kick, Centaur, Gardner’s existence is classified (although it seems hardly the sort of thing that could be kept under the wraps). When the awkward Martian gets the chance to travel to Earth and meet his crush, Tulsa, face-to-face, as well as find his father, he grabs it. But not everyone thinks Gardner belongs there. And so he and Tulsa take off on an adventurous road-trip in search of his father. However, he must hurry as his heart can’t handle Earth’s gravity and he soon needs to return back home – Mars.

The performances were commendable. Butterfield has never played a character quite as unbearably special as Gardner Elliott, the wide-eyed emo star child of the movie. Robertson, although looking a bit mature to get away with portraying a teenager, makes for a funnily spunky heroine. Gugino proves far better than her material and so does Gary Oldman who perfectly plays the role of the billionaire who personally funded the Mars mission.

This is no Titanic, but The Space Between Us should appeal to those looking for an easy-to-follow story about two teenagers who find friendship and love across the solar system.

Why You Should Watch This Movie:

After spending most of his time on Mars, with limited contact to humans, Gardner struggles to understand where he really belongs in this universe throughout the movie. This story and the performances make it worth a watch this weekend. Watch it to understand the journey of who you really are and where you belong. And it's perfect for a date night!

Release Date: 10 Feb, 2017
Language: English
Director: Peter Chelsom
Genre: Adventure, Drama, Romance
Cast & Crew: Asa Butterfield, Gary Oldman, Carla Gugino, Britt Robertson, Stewart Schill
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