We are only a few hours away from the big day. You know, that day when people spend an absurd amount of money on flowers, chocolate, jewellery and cards in order to show their significant other how much they love them. Valentine's Day is also about posts on social media.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, chances are you've seen annoying posts like kissing shots and obsessive essays all over the place, all in one day.

If you're guilty of any of the above, you might just be driving your friends nuts. But that is not all. Here are a few other posts that are actually not helping your cause with friends:

That dedication to single people
Please know that not everyone wants what you have and being in a relationship does not necessarily have to make you a dating expert. So, that "don't worry you'll find love one day" post is the last thing anyone who is single by choice wants to hear.


Hashtags, hashtags and many hashtags
Yes, hashtags can be a great way to find stuff on the internet that could interest you. However, some people still think a hashtag is an extended brag device.
Really want some unfollows? Try #luckyme #loveforever #iaminlovewithmybestfriend.


The 'look what I got' brag
You're in a relationship. Yay! You'll receive something from your significant other. Obviously! Try enjoying it instead of setting up overly-filtered photos (completed with #blessed) on Instagram.
Over the top mushy essay
You found someone. Congratulations! You must appreciate their presence in your life. True. But does that mean you have to write a 1000 word post, tag him/her (bonus points if he/she is not even on Facebook), have back and forth comments?
Try saving those words for a card, maybe?

The 'I hate Valentine's day' post
V-day can get a little cheesy. Plus, stores suddenly up the prices of flowers, cards and gifts in order to cash in. Try not to rant about how this holiday has been fabricated by the greeting card industry. Be kind. Please? Pretty please? We've obviously heard "show love all year, not just today" way too often by now.

Proud to be single
Single? You go, girl! If you're bombarding our feed with "I don't need to be in a relationship to feel complete", here's a suggestion. Try logging out of Facebook and enjoying your freedom instead. No?

The heart pose
Why? Why? Why? Please stop.


Please don't get us wrong. We love Valentine's Day and we love you.


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