Most of us absolutely love the monsoon, but only if it is about snuggling up in bed or sitting by the window binge-eating our favorite snacks and sipping some garma garam chai. When we’re out, all the comfort just turns into hassles of getting stuck in traffic jams, trudging through knee-deep water and walking on filthy pavements. Looking presentable and up-to-date while having to deal with all of this is not always easy. Those of us who have to make it to work would know!

To ensure that you stay non-smelly and dry, we have come up with some monsoon survival tips.

Foot Care
When it rains, ensure that you wear proper footwear, most preferably loose rubber sandals, flip flops or gum boots. Avoid wearing closed shoes since they increase the moisture your feet are exposed to, making you prone to infections.
Wearing leather and canvas shoes can cause foul-smelling feet.
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Socks are another reason your feet may smell. Avoid them in the monsoon.
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Wash your feet with lukewarm water and a mild soap when you return home. Wipe them and let them dry completely, before you apply some anti-fungal powder.
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Before you go to bed, apply some moisturizer. This will help you get rid of dead skin.
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In the monsoon, wounds take longer to heal, hence make sure you have no open wounds. Cover them with a band-aid. This is because any contact with rain water could cause an infection.
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Keep your toenails short and clean to avoid dirt from settling in them. This can help avoid the risk of infection as well. Also, applying an anti-fungal cream could help.
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Wet Clothes
With air-conditioned work places, we always find ourselves spending the rest of the day in wet clothes getting chilled to the bone. It would help if we wear lightweight fabrics that dry easily and do not stick to the body. Choose loose silhouettes.
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If it isn’t too much trouble, having a change of clothing is ideal.

Leaving damp clothes lying around can lead to dank and dingy smells. Wash your clothes as soon as you get home. Use some detergent and white vinegar or baking soda. Line dry them afterwards in an airy area.
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Choose darker shades over lighter ones to avoid visible stains.
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Most importantly, carry an umbrella and a raincoat for double protection.
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Skin Care
The monsoon brings in moisture that causes breakouts. Use a toner before you go to bed every night.
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Use a foamy face wash to keep your skin clean. If you have oily skin, use warm water instead of cold water to wash your face because it helps dissolve oil better.
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Use a lotion-based moisturizer for moist and soft skin. It not only nourishes the skin from deep within but also helps retain its natural moisture.
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If you are battling acne, try applying ice on your face to minimize the appearance of open pores.
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Hair Care
The humidity in the air can have adverse effects on your hair- from dandruff to hairfall and scalp infections.

Leaving your hair wet after contact with rain can cause itching leading to dandruff. Using a shampoo and leave-in conditioner can help prevent it.
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Avoid products that weaken the hair, like hair mousse, gel, and the like.
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Tying your hair tight is also not advised. This traps humidity which makes your hair frizzy. Loose buns, loose pony tails or even short hair is best for the monsoon.
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If you have been skipping oiling your hair because of the humidity, it’s time you begin. This is when it is all the more necessary to nourish your hair with oil.
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Use a wooden comb for your hair. This will ensure minimal breakage.
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In the monsoon, avoid using leather bags, go for canvas instead. Ditto for your leather footwear. Using gum boots is better.
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For your wallet and mobile phone, use a zip lock bag to prevent water damage.
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Wear a sporty watch that can survive the rain.
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Keeping silica gel in your bag can help keep moisture in check.
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