Enough of existential angst “To be or not to be” is fast getting replaced by “To commit or not to commit”. And the irony of this fast trending angst is that it is being openly overviewed on a day where the commitment phobic would probably want to seal himself in his closet for an eternity. 

Today is ‘Promise Day’, a day meant for keeping your word, irrespective of how tall the claims were and how possible or far-fetched they sound currently in the context of your longstanding affair. So will this be ‘An Affair to Remember’ or will commitment be snoozing to glory in the corridors of your heart ‘While You Were Sleeping’ over the fact that someday promises made will have to be spruced and kept just like fine manicure in a plush salon.
Commitment phobia is today growing at a pace faster than the potholes of Mumbai. It is flourishing in the fertile zone of bank balance enriching careers, nirvana in sheer single-hood moments, household chore blues, feminism, chauvinism and no more singles night-out fears. So, yes men and women are both willing to dine, fine dine and outshine in their capacity to impress each other with the most poetic promises ever, but when it’s time to live up to the recital, you develop cold feet ala the penguins of ‘Happy Feet’. And then you don’t tap dance, you just want to escape into a  “I am not up to it” trance. And recognizing this fast growing breed needs little guidance. Just a few symptoms that are listed here below will serve as a great eye-opener for you to catch the commitment assassin red-handed. They are funny to read but very high on ‘catch them soon’ leads. We suggest watch out for these incase you have been long promised but still can only see things in a thick mist of claims situation.

· His/her list of requirements is so long that it can take you an eternity to fit in.
· He/she flits in and out of relationships as if partners were waiting to be picked on month long sale shelves. 
· He/she fears being available at most times, like it comes along with a penalty.
· Marriage is never discussed but pushed under the carpet like it was an old country house ghost that may cause crazy mayhem.
· He/she will maintain a mini globe of friends on social portals, so that real time for you keeps shrinking to the size of a raisin.
· Last minute backing out on plans on excuses that sound as banal as ‘my kitten had a breakdown over sour milk’.
· Expressing feelings are as tough as scaling Mt. Everest or running a marathon directly on D-day.
· Work is his/her rescue mission from the relationship, work backlogs are like fine wine – intoxicating.
· Mood swings are countless and you better know that your days in the relationship are numbered.

So yes, incase you are dating one who fits into our quirky yet relevant diagnosis on commitment phobia, go right ahead and do the needful. That is, ask for fool proof validation of Google inspired poetic claims. On Promise Day, we hope for no ominous surprises just some opulent gyan on avoiding the big talk and getting closer to the bigger picture instead. 
Happy commitment awakening guys!
Pashmina Narang

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