Video games give us a chance to escape our realities. We can maim, hunt, destroy, decimate, dominate and conquer without ever leaving our seats. Ask anyone who is a gamer and they will tell you that their fix is needed, craved and only satisfied by the next big game. This year’s E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo, for all you non-geeks out there) showcased some of the best games that whetted our appetite. In the coming months, we have a few wicked releases for the PS4. Here are just a few teasers and gameplay videos to enjoy till then. 

Uncharted 4:  

Nathan Drake is back and he is getting in trouble again. Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End promises to take us on another epic adventure of puzzles, firefights and quips. In the past, the Uncharted games entertained us and we kept playing them over and over again. In order to get all the relics, of course. The game is going to take advantage of the PS4 graphics engine. Nathan Drake is going be amazing again. 

A blood-filled action RPG is coming. From the makers of Dark Souls, Bloodborne has all the elements of a truly horrific game, but in a good way. You will have to use your mind and modify your tactics while you hunt the monsters down. Remember – If it moves, it bleeds, and if it bleeds, it dies. Just don’t play this in a dark room with headphones on. 
Tom Clancy’s The Division:

Ubisoft has a lot to do. Their last Assassin’s Creed game felt unfinished and shoddy. But they have a chance to redeem themselves. Tom Clancy‘s The Division is their chance. We have a post-apocalyptic open world and the ability to multi-play. Team up with your buddies and coordinate your attacks, take over essentials points on the map and have a blast. The Division’s gameplay is designed to feel all-encompassing. You are placed in a ravaged and derelict New York. Only through teamwork and focussed efforts, you can dominate.  Sounds like fun, huh? 
The Order: 1886: 
Steampunk meets monsters meets old guns and London. The knights are here to fight to the death. Set in an alternate universe and timeline, you are thrown into a single-player action adventure. You are a knight who has to fight to save the innocent and destroy the demonic. It has got the hook of being a little off-centre and old school. You will enjoy this game of good versus evil. 
And to round off the list: 
Batman: Arkham Knight
Be the Batman! What more can we say? This is the latest installment in the Arkham series. Gotham is under siege and the Rogues are out in force. 
Scarecrow is back and he is out to wreak havoc. Prepare to be the iron will of The Batman. The game is going to blow you away. In the Arkham Knight, you even get to play using the Batmobile. 

That is right, you can use the Batmobile to drive around and fight. The fight mechanics have been updated and so have the enemy skill sets. You will have to be tougher and smarter this time around. Also, there is the Arkham Knight to face off. A whole new villain, they say. We don’t know what to expect, really. But know this, the Batman is coming back. Are you ready for the cowl? 
That’s the shortlist. More to follow. In the meantime, leave us a message or two about your favorite upcoming title.

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