Top 5 films you should watch with your girlfriend this Halloween

Halloween holds a special place in every guy’s heart.

Watching scary films on this day and not getting spooked is a rite of passage for every young man. It is a way of seeking social acceptance from the guys. You cannot say things like, "Dude! That scene was so scary, I almost passed out," or "I cried a little when the ghost appeared." No sir, you simply cannot.

However, the same does not hold true for young women – the kind that grow up watching chick-flicks and rom-coms. There might be a few exceptions, but it is safe to say that most girls won’t watch a horror/gore flick unless there is a guy by her side.

As such, you should cash-in on the opportunity as a man, and be the shoulder that she can use to cower behind.
Here are five such movies, which are downright scary and incredibly enjoyable when watched with your girlfriend (assuming you have one).
#5 It
Two letters and a whole lot of scary. If your girlfriend loves clowns, then this is a movie which will make her feel otherwise. Originally aired as a two-part TV movie, Stephen King’s ‘It’ takes your worst nightmares and then multiplies them tenfold. And to think, Tim Curry looked scary without make-up.

Even Halloween has certain traditions that people abide by. Children dress up as goblins, witches, ghosts and go door-to-door trick or treating. You either give the kids candy or scare them away. Trick ‘r Treat shows us that if a Halloween tradition is broken, then Sam (the kid with the pumpkin head) will come and get you. And he will get you bad!
Tell your girlfriend that watching scary movies together on Halloween is a tradition which you must follow. Or else…

#3 The Saw series

I know, I know. This isn’t just one movie. But when you start watching the first one, can you really stop yourself from watching the remaining six? Especially when your girlfriend is screaming in fear?

#2 The Human Centipede

Here’s where you step your game up. If the earlier films on this list were scary, then The Human Centipede is just plain horrifying (and disgusting). The movie leaves a strong impression on your psyche. Just make sure that dinner time is nowhere close to your movie viewing plans.

#1 Psycho

Everything tends to look scarier in black-and-white. And classics are, after all, classics. The biggest advantage Psycho has over other movies is the unpredictability. Everything is fine one minute, and the next, a woman is being stabbed in the shower. And the terrifying background score accompanying each scene guarantees sleepless nights. Which in retrospect, isn’t so bad after all? Ahem.

You might have trouble convincing you girlfriend to actually sit down and watch these films. But you can always tell her that you are trying to make her stronger and that you are there for her. And then you can proceed to hide behind the couch yourself.
Remember – If she gets scared while watching the movie, then she will automatically hold you tight, and you can console her.
But if she is someone who does not get scared easily, then all we have to say is, "Congratulations, you have found the perfect woman."
Happy Halloween!

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