Top 7 DJs you must follow on Snapchat

Everything you have heard about a DJ’s life is true. They do lead interesting and eventful lives; thanks to their crazy schedules of touring, producing, etc. Some are on a flight almost every day, while some are stationed in their studio for days. Snapchat is the perfect app to stay up-to-date with celebs and DJs alike. These DJs regularly post everything going on in their lives, giving you live updates about what goes on behind the scenes. Here is what you will come across in their snaps – their organic breakfast as well as decadent meals, live shows (of course), after-parties, after-after-parties, insomnia (normally), studio time, previews of unreleased tracks, production tips, close-up views, crazy fans, booth views, backstage insights, champagne showers, spiritual talks, Q&A sessions, pranks, peers, views from an airplane, Las Vegas, Miami, Ibiza, lush hotels, beach views and pretty much everything under the sun. Some snaps are also too random to comprehend – there are some really funny guys on here. Look for your favorite DJ and add them right away (usernames in brackets)!





Diplo (diplo3000)






Skrillex (skrillex)






Calvin Harris (calvinharris)



Tiesto (tiesto)





DJ Snake (djsnakeparis)






Hardwell (hardwellhimself)



Above & Beyond (aboveandbeyond)

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