How To Train Your Dragon Part 2 Trailer Break

 It is time for you to strap in for another epic ride! The Dragons are back, Baby! Okay is that a little over the top? So what! Toothless, our cutest and funniest winged-wonder of the night is back. Hiccup and Toothless have taken to the skies.

The first movie took us to a world where every boy and girl could have a dragon of their own. The idea of riding dragons, soaring through the air, setting things on fire appeals to all those with active imaginations. The animated world suddenly changed. We got to dream about leaving the ground again. The story of Hiccup and Toothless resonated with a lot of us. The idea of being your own person shone through. We got to see an awkward kid turn into an unlikely hero and we got to see that even though dragons are scary, they might just be as scared of us.
And now, we have the sequel How To Train Your Dragon 2. Hiccup has grown up into a strapping lad. His friendship with Toothless has strengthened and they have become each other’s halves. In the trailer, Toothless and he have evolved their flying styles. But what’s this? A shadowy figure has approached the both of them. Who could that be? Someone with dragon skills far-surpassing Hiccup’s. In control of many dragons, this person lets it be known that there is much to learn about dragons. Listen very carefully to what this person says in the trailer. You will be in for a surprise. I ain’t telling ya! Leave the answer in the comments section along with your reactions.
However, there is trouble brewing. There are massive scenes of boats and vikings on dragons. With a villain at the centre of it all. Hiccup and Toothless have to ride again. There are battles to be fought on the ground and in the air. The fate of the village of Berk and the villagers rests on the unsteady and unsure shoulders of Hiccup and Toothless. The trailer paints this picture of oncoming doom and onslaught. With the help of his friends, and their dragons, the terrible twosome will rise again. The trailer also promises a much larger scale for the whole dragon world. Expect bigger dragons, more flames, awesome (albeit animated) stunt flying, with corny and funny lines. This movie should turn into an epic leap of imagination, and all this is just from your cinema seat. What are you waiting for? Watch the trailer, get hooked, think about dragons and watch this space.
There be dragons in them hills, folks! And we are invited for the ride!
By the way, what kind of a dragon would you like to ride? Let us know, it could a description, a name, or even a type. Leave us an answer in the comments section.
Leave the ground, Soar, take a chance and Ride!
Watch the trailer here.

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