5 Trash To Treasure: Christmas Crafts

It is that time of the year again – it's Christmas time. As lights begin to fill the streets again, we are doing things we love the most – shopping, baking and decorating, of course! Sure, we can buy all our decorations at a local store but wouldn't it be so much more fun to mix some of our own holiday crafts for that extra special look? Well, the good news is you could do so without spending a fortune.

We decided to take a few common household items, in order to transform them into holiday crafts that can be used to make every room look as festive as possible.

Paper Plates – Giant Lollipops
If you have leftover plates from the last party, you would love this.

Requirements: paper plates, wooden dowel, ribbon, cellophane, paint, paint brushes, scissors and a hot glue gun.

Paint lollipop designs on the back of two paper plates and let them dry.

Next, cut out small squares from the paper plates before you glue the two plates together, making a hole for the dowel to be inserted.

To complete, wrap cellophane around the paper plates and tie a ribbon around them.
Lollipop - BookMyShow

So easy, isn't it? You can place these giant lollipops in a mug (if you wish to have them indoors) or you can also use them to decorate your garden.

Wrapping Paper – Wreath
If you have used wrapping paper or a whole pile of leftovers, you can have a pretty looking wreath.

Requirements: wreath foam, wrapping, hot glue gun, tape and ribbon.

The first thing to do is to tie a ribbon around one section.

Next, cut one long strip (around 8 inches) from the roll of wrapping paper and 2 inch strips from here.

Now, wrap them around and secure with tape.

To layer them in the wreath form, use the hot glue gun.

Continue the process with three layers, making tubes shorter on the inside circle.
Wreath - BookMyShow

Hang this wreath to add a Christmas-y touch an odd corner or a closet door.

Wine Bottles – Holiday Vases
If you have wine bottles, you can transform them into vases.

Requirements: wine bottles, acrylic paint, paint brushes and stencils.

Before you paint the bottles, make sure they are free of any particles.

Once clean, paint your bottles and let them dry.

To complete, stencil a Christmas-y word.
Vases - BookMyShow

You can fill your vases with holly or flowers of your choice (real or artificial).

Clothespins – Snowmen
If you have pegs lying around, you could absolutely try this.

Requirements: clothespins, markers, acrylic paint, string, scissors and a paint brush.

Using the paintbrush, apply white paint to all sides of the pegs. Keep them aside to dry.

Once they dry, use markers to draw eyes, mouth and eyebrows.

Paint on the nose and use a tiny dab of paint for the cheeks.

For the buttons, dab three dots of paint around the middle of the clothespins.

To wrap around the neck of the snowman, use string tied in a bow.
Clothespins - BookMyShow

Voila! Use the clothespins to secure ornaments or to pin up cards on your Christmas hamper.

Straw – Tree Garland
If you have red or striped straws at home, you can make your own Christmas tree garland.

Requirements: Straw, scissors and basic sewing supplies.

Cut each straw into 1-3 inch lengths.

Use a sewing needle and thread to string your straw pieces together. Make sure the thread is perpendicular to the straws.
Straw - BookMyShow

You can put the garland on your tree, doorway or along the mantle.

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