Here’s something you already know, but still can’t stop saying – 2016 sucks! Horrible things have happened, too many inspiring people have left us, the nation still isn't particularly sure about the currency note situation, and somebody almost nobody gave a chance is set to become the most powerful man in the world. Usually, when the going gets too tough, we rely on a force so powerful, that it can suck us out of our world and take us somewhere completely different. That force is called Netflix

Television, in general, was a stress reliever. But in 2016, TV shows the source of most of our stress. Is Jon Snow dead? Who did Negan kill? Where did Will disappear? Our heads were absorbed by these thoughts, and the answers to our questions only caused more stress.

Let’s take a look back at the most shocking moments in TV this year, which caused great amounts of emotional distress:  

(Warning: Spoilers ahead!)


Jon Snow's Resurrection (Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones - BookMyShow

Jon Snow is alive’ was the biggest status update of 2016. GoT fans probably saw it coming, but that did not stop them from worrying about the fate of Westeros. Especially since Jon was dead in the first episode. As if his rebirth wasn’t shocking enough, then we were hit with the truth about his real parentageStress level – maximum!  


Ramsay Bolton’s Death (Game of Thrones)

Game of Thrones - BookMyShow

GoT fans were eagerly waiting for the showdown between Jon + Sansa and Ramsay Bolton. We all knew that Ramsay would finally die, but this is Game of Thrones. Anything is possible. The entire episode was a roller coaster of emotions, from Rickon’s death to Ramsay’s confinement in his own cell. But Sansa’s last move provided sweet release to our dead souls.


Negan's Arrival (The Walking Dead)

The Walking Dead - BookMyShow

Last season of TWD left us with the worst cliffhanger. We knew that Negan had brutally murdered a member of the group, and it was killing us that we did not know who it was. The first episode had us glued to the TV and when Abraham got the first blow, we were upset, but not too stressed. At least it wasn’t Glenn. But then 2016 happened and Glenn was butchered along with our hearts.


Marcia Clark’s Breakdown (The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story)

The People v. O. J. Simpson: American Crime Story - BookMyShow

Did OJ do it? There were mixed opinions on the issue of Nicole Simpson’s murder. Although, we were unified on our feelings for Marcia Clark – she didn’t deserve what happened to her. As a female prosecutor, and against OJ Simpson, Clark was constantly under the scanner. Her privacy was invaded, she was called names, but she held her own. Until she didn’t, and we couldn’t help but feel for her.


Poussey’s Death (Orange is the New Black)

Orange is the New Black - BookMyShow

Of all the terrible things that happened this year, this one destroyed our hearts. We were glad to see mutiny in Litchfield, as the inmates began to finally gang up against their cruel guards. It all came at a heavy cost, when one of the girls died, and that was none other than Poussey. She was a fan favorite, and the nature of her death defined 2016 – unfair!


Elliot’s Arrest (Mr. Robot)

Mr. Robot - BookMyShow

After eight whole episodes, Mr. Robot revealed a major twist, which made us want to go back and re-watch the season. As Elliot’s reality changed, we began to question our own – Are we really here? Is this our mind’s way of creating a safe space for us? Are we actually somewhere else? Kudos to Sam Esmail for messing with our heads so badly. We shall never be the same again.


The Bernard Reveal (Westworld)

Westworld - BookMyShow

Doors have played an important role in TV this year. Quotes like ‘Hodor!’ and ‘What Door?’ are not likely to be forgotten soon. After all, we were stunned to learn that the Head of Delos’s Programming Division was, in fact, artificial. Yet, we couldn’t help but feel sorry for Bernard Lowe, especially since we knew that he really had the ability to feel.


The Upside-Down (Stranger Things)

Stranger Things - BookMyShow

The strangest thing we experienced this year was probably the Upside-Down. We are still confused about it, but all we know is that it is a parallel universe that mirrors our own world and it is inhabited by a monster. Will gets lost in it, and Barb is killed in it. We were unsure whether Will would really find his way back, but did not expect it to happen at the expense of ElevenBring her back!


Fleabag’s Betrayal (Fleabag)

Fleabag - BookMyShow

Fleabag was meant to be a fun show. It started off being light, humorous and we fell in love with the lead character. She wasn’t perfect, but her inadequacies were totally relatable. Until the last episode, where it is revealed that she betrayed her best friend by sleeping with her boyfriend, which drove Boo to suicide. Suddenly, a fun show became too dark, just like our lives.


Rory’s Pregnancy (Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life)

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - BookMyShow

Fans were ecstatic over news of the Gilmore Girls revival. It suddenly became the most talked-about show of 2016, after Game of Thrones. And then, another piece of information brought all excitement to a standstill. Rory was pregnant! No one saw this coming, and we were left wondering and second-guessing who the father of the baby was.


Which TV show shocked you the most in 2016? Sound off in comments below.


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