For me, secrets meant to not reveal to my parents that I had junk food for lunch, beauty meant dressing up for the farewell, popularity was judged on the basis of my performance in class, and wealth meant you bought imported water bottle. But I belong to the clan, who embraced these incidents like the ones aforementioned. But there is a heterogeneous crowd whose life is much more exciting than the plain teen years; the only consoling factor is that their characters are entirely fictional. They are, The Pretty Little Liars – a high-gloss drama series that has been keeping fans hooked for over 4 Seasons. Get ready as we give you an overview of the show and the secret lives of the girls. But beware, there are spoilers ahead.

Set in a high school in the fictitious town of Rosewood, the show began with four friends – Hanna, Aria, Spencer and Emily, who begin looking for their friend who mysteriously disappeared. But we are led to believe that Alison Di Laurentis, the one-time popular and conniving queen bee is dead, and somebody dug her corpse up. Before her mysterious disappearance, Alison was a puppeteer who played with people’s emotions, and kept the darkest secrets of her friends. Perhaps she wasn’t the only one to keep a track of their lives. Even after her disappearance the girls are still being stalked, bullied and emotionally blackmailed by an entity who calls itself A. For over 4 Seasons, the show took us on a quest, where the central character is dead. But its latest season, number 5 of the series, was quite different as it unveiled the biggest suspense of them all – Alison Di Laurentis is alive. 
With its impressive debut, Season 1 garnered the highest TRP rating for the show. Season 2  gave us a scoop on a murder, and the Season 3 introduced us to the mysterious character, ‘The Red Coat’. While the first three seasons kept us hooked, primarily because of its gripping plot, the fourth season had us loathe them. Why, you may ask? Because its plot turned out to be, convoluted and stretched. Just like a cold and chewie frankie roll. It was mildly-flavorful but didn’t satisfy our palates. 
Season 4, went a little haywire because of its package – insights from its spinoff show Ravenswood, the re-introduction of characters from Season One and the personal problems the girls dealt with. But Season 5 looks offers a lot more suspense and spine-chilling scenes that’ll have you gripped, the evidence of which is its episode and the season’s promos. Especially, since the girls have let the bygones-be-bygones by teaming up with Alison.
Good news for all PLL fans, as the show has been extended for Season 6 and 7, but the bad news we might get never to know who A is (or who the group of As are).  The performances of the actors Troian Bellisario, Ashley Benson, Lucy Hale and Shay Mitchell are top-notch. But it is Troian who makes an impressive act throughout the series; she is one performer who sinks into the character of the clever Spencer Hastings. 
As a PLL fan, I am mesmerized by the show’s engaging plot, but that doesn’t stop me from questioning the show’s logic and the repeated follies the characters commit. Example: Why don’t the parents of the girls’ keep a watch over them? And I did learn their trademark moves: 
1. It’s incredibly easy for people to escape from mental asylums and police stations. 2. This is a place where everyone looks good at all times. Even when they’re trapped in the most-haunting forest, they look fashionable and effortlessly flawless. And 3. To never trust anyone because they might turn out to be A.
There were many a times when the catharsis effect played its part. I would voice out my views and yell ‘‘Hey, don’t read that text, it’s from A!’’, ‘’Hanna, watch out, Mona isn’t that good’’,  eventually it reminds of those moments when avid Hindi serial watchers do the same thing – Nahi, who mat kar, arree who dhokhebaaz hai. Which makes me realize that this is exactly the essence a soap opera tries to convey. They want to grab your attention and keep you at the edge-of-your-seats. 
Over all, this show does bring out the detective in you. It does make you want to empathize with the girls. But we wish the plot moves a little swiftly, revealing the mystery without focusing on too many subplots.
As Aria once said – You’ve got to fight one battle at a time. We couldn’t agree more, we just wish the battle ends victoriously for the pretty little liars. Are you a PLL fan too? Do let us know your views on this. 

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